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01-06-08, 03:18 pm
Hello all,
my name is Amy and I foster guinea pigs in Upstate New York. Currently I don't have any pigs but I hope to be getting some new fosters in shortly.
I've never owned guinea pigs but I've wanted pigs for quite a while and have obsessed and educated myself a lot.
I live with three house rabbits, Benner & Newman and Bella.
Benner & Newman are a bonded pair of brothers who I adopted on Earth Day '07. They're nearly three years old, New Zealand mixes. They have five sisters who are still in foster care in Auburn, NY.
Bella was originally a foster bunny, she was dumped on my doorstep with a box of supplies in a small cage in early November of 2007. In the box was a giant bag of cedar bedding, a tiny bag of carefresh, a box of kitty litter, a litter scoop and two towels. Bella is very cage-aggressive and cannot be kept in a cage, which is why I finally decided to adopt her [after she was turned down 4 times because she can't be in a cage] because my rabbits have no cage. She has remained healthy and is the bravest and most social of my rabbits. She is a young Dutch, approximately 8 months old.
I'd show photos but new members aren't able to post links and I'm not sure how to post photos on this forum [HTML? BBC?]
As for myself, I am a senior in high school and a vegetarian. I was vegan for two years and vegetarian a year before that. Right now I am trying to get back into veganism. I do all that I can not to support animal cruelty, and I work very closely with the House Rabbit Society.
I'm very glad to be part of this forum and I hope you're all glad to have me! :D

piggly wiggly
01-07-08, 10:53 am
Welcome! It is great what you are doing, your little girl is sure lucky she landed on your doorstep, and not someone else.