View Full Version : used coroplast signs

01-04-08, 10:02 am
One of the convenience stores in town is willing to give me their signs once they switch their ads. I would be cleaning it with vinegar/water once I got it and putting the un-stickered side to the inside. I looked at it, and it's not holey or too scuffed up. Is it ok to use as my coroplast bottom?

Percy's Mom
01-04-08, 10:04 am
Absolutely! A lot of people recycle old signs either from stores or political campaigns for cage bottoms or to use for hidey building. As long as you clean them well, you should be fine. If they are a bit too small, you may need to use duct tape to attach the signs to each other.

01-04-08, 10:04 am
Absolutely! Especially if it is free. The only downside is that you have to piece it together using tape (packing or duct) at the seems. But that isn't really that big of a downer when you remember, IT WAS FREE!

Congrats on your find.

01-04-08, 10:38 am
Thanks guys! I know I was all excited when they told me I could have it free. There are only two sign shops in my town, one never called me back and the other wanted $50 for one sheet. I got my cubes on sale for $12.99 at target (6cube set) and now my coroplast is coming soon! Hooray.