View Full Version : Crittertrail Pink ok for mouse/mice?

01-03-08, 03:17 pm
Well, I'm either going to be fostering or adopting one or two male mice, and I want to know, would a Crittertrail Pink be ok for him/them? I know, it's the same thing as the crittertrail one, but $5 more, but my room theme is pink so.....Please answer. Thanks. :D

01-03-08, 03:28 pm
That cage is not large enough for any animals, so no. I suggest either a modified (for better ventilation) BIN cage, or a homemade mesh grid cage. None of the pet store cages are large enough; if they are the bar spacings are too big.

01-03-08, 03:29 pm
Personally I don't think crittertrails are that great. They aren't well ventalated, are hard to clean, and a little to small. I would suggest making a bin cage they can cost the same amount but are much larger and you can cut parts and cover it with mesh wire and it will be ventalated. And from what I've seen they are quite easy to make. I do not own any mice or hamsters but have researched them. You should goodle bin cages I don't have the links to them on this particular computer. Hope this helps.

01-03-08, 04:01 pm
I've kept mice in Crittertrail cages - usually multiple cages connected, but sometimes when I was overloaded (there was a period when I had several dozen mice as a result of a few pregnant foster females), just one cage. I would say the CT1 is sufficient for one or two mice, as in I wouldn't call it cruel or negligent. Mice are the only animals I'd ever consider keeping in CT cages, since they can utilize room in those sorts of cages that hamsters or gerbils, for instance, can't.

Still, the other posters have made valid points. You could get a larger cage for less money, and bigger is always better when it comes to cages. Plastic cages with little parts tend to fall apart and often make it easier for mice to escape. The ventilation isn't as bad as some other modular plastic cages, but it's not as good as it could be.

From my experience the best cages for mice are either aquariums or bins with mesh tops. Virtually escape-proof and the ventilation is much better, and cleaning takes a couple minutes as opposed to over half an hour, which is what it took me to thoroughly clean a CT cage.

So, if you want to spend the money (maybe to buy two of the cages), are willing to clean more frequently and spend more time doing it, and are prepared to duct tape them when the inevitably break...well, there you go.

01-06-08, 07:49 am
Ok, Thanks for the head's up. So would it be fine if I made a bin cage with a tall bin, and put doubled grids on the top?

01-07-08, 12:45 pm
That should be ok, as long as the bin is a decent size. I have two of my hamsters in a bin cage and it's definitely a lot better than the store bought cage I had before :)