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Cavy Carnage
01-03-08, 12:39 pm
We sort of rescued a rabbit last night. I am a member of a group called freecycle which basically allows people to give away things for free and post wanted ads. Someone was after a rabbit cage for a little bunny who they rescued from a neighbour after they put it outside in the freezing weather in a indoor cage all because some stupid brat was to rough with it so it quite rightly bit him. I told her about this website but also offered if she wanted to give the rabbit a home (I wanted a friend for Rafiki) Well they replied and said that we could have the rabbit if she thought it was going to a good home. Anyway we went out to pick it up and as soon as I see her her eyelids are bright red. I do not blame these people, they really did the best they could and I am grateful they rescued her but she wasnt in a cage so had been pooping and peeing everywhere and they had been cleaning after her but using carpet cleaner and air freshener. It smells so strong on her and her fur is all greasy and oily. Now would this be the reason or would something else cause this? If that is the reason do i gently bathe her to try to get it off? Any suggestions would be great.

01-03-08, 12:51 pm
Thank you for helping out this poor bunny! It sounds like she needs to to a bunny savvy vet asap.

Here are some sites that may be able to help:

Medirabbit (http://www.medirabbit.com/)

Morfz.com (http://www.morfz.com)
(rabbit refs)

House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org)