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01-02-08, 11:48 pm
Hey I'm just I'm a Guine noob!

I got my Guinea pig today getting him settled in I was doing some researh on bedding and its seems pine/ceder is no good? I got a bag of this at wal mart, after reading it was no good I went back to check and see what else they else they had and its seems nothing!

I want to know if this pine/ceder can be used at all or should i try and find some other bedding options????

01-03-08, 12:03 am
Kiln-dried pine is ok to use. If it's not kiln-dried then it needs aired out for 7-10 days before use. Cedar is an absolute no.

Do they have any recycled paper products like Carefresh or Critter Care? Or even something like Feline Pine is ok. No clumping or clay based cat litters though.

01-03-08, 12:09 am
Many here recommend fleece...simple and cheap. Use the forum search bar to search for thread regarding fleece, just type "fleece bedding".

Pine is fine, cedar is not. If you opt for pine, it must be Kiln Dried, low/no dust, Pine shavings. Let it air out a bit before using as well. Pine has natural aromatic oils that can be a little harsh to piggie noses. I personally use the Kiln Dried pine, and it works well, though a bit messy when pigs kick it onto the carpeting.

Have you built a C&C cage? If not, a petstore cage is WAY too small, so look into the C&C's on the main home page of this site. Mostly all the members here use this cage design.

Also, piggies are HERD animals, therefore ONE piggie is going to be lonely, behave more lethargically, and generally less active/talkative. You may want to ADOPT a new piggie friend for your new pig. It will be one of the best things you can do for him. Remember, follow a 3 week quarentine if you chose to get another pig. This means, seperate cages, seperate rooms for 3 weeks -- gives time to adjust, watch for illnesses, ect.

Another thing to consider, guinea pigs NEED unlimited hay, all the time. Try Oxbow Pet Products | Welcome (http://www.oxbowhay.com)! Their hay is wonderful, green, and the pigs adore it. They also need a high quality pellet which can be bought of Oxbow as well. Anything found in the petstore is junk. No bits, seeds, fruits or extras should be in the mix, just straight timothy-based pellet. Look at Cavy Cuisine on the Oxbow site, this is your best option.

Also, pigs need fresh veggies everyday. Try romaine lettuce, cilantro, cherry tomato, 1 baby carrot, parsley, bell peppers. These are all good veggies. Some foods to avoid are oranges, brocolli, bananas, nuts, seeds, fruits (can be given maybe once a week in small quantities...high sugar content can cause health problems down the road). Do a forum search for "LY's Nutrion Chart", it is an awesome guide for veggies for your piggies, kind of a what to and not to feed.

Other that that, lots of love, patience, and attention.

They are prey animals and WILL be skittish around you for a LONG time, possibly forever. Once you get them out of the cage they should settle right down. Try hand feeding veggies during laptime to make friends.

OH--no petstore treats (to much junk and sugar, unhealthy), no vitamin C in the water (they DO need C, but from their VEGGIES...bell pepper is HIGH in C, so give lots!), and no balls, wheels, leashes (bad for the piggie spine and can cause even fatal unjuries).

Well, thats alot to take in. You're definately in the right place. Read through that info as well as the stickies at the top of the forums, and then ask LOTS of questions.

Good Luck!