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12-24-07, 02:51 pm
I was just wondering a couple of things about bunnys !

Do they tend to bite alot ?

Are they loving like guinea pigs ?

What are rabbits temperments ?

What size of cage would a dwarf need ?

Are they hard to care for ?

Can they be potty trained easily ?

Do they like to be cuddled ?

Do they need ALOT of attention ?

I f you already have guinea pigs do they cost alot more ontop of the price you already pay for supplies ?

Do they need the same amount of hay and vedge daily as guinea pigs ?

How long do they live ?

Sorry about all the questions im just curious ! There might be a few more later !

Emma lol

Mommy Of One
12-24-07, 04:24 pm
Rabbits biting arn't the norm, but it all depends on how much you socialise them. When they get older they are known 'to get grumpy,' but I never expierienced this with my rabbit. But they do scratch you up like a scratching post when holding them. This is why it is important to make them feel secure, also sometimes they try and kick you with their hind legs to try and hop away from you which is dangerous. They are VERY fragile. Rabbits are somewhat like guinea pigs, they are all different though but they don't like to snuggle too much if that's what you mean. Typically, they are similar to a guinea pig if they are well socialised. Mine was. The minimum cage size for a VERY small dwarf would be probably around a 2 x 3, 2 x 2, rabbits need alot of space and bigger is always better. Their care is similar to guinea pigs, sometimes harder if your doing it right. I noticed rabbits smell alot more than guinea pigs, I potty trained my bunny but it took approximately a year and even then he pooped wherever, and peed in the box. I wouldn't say they like to be cuddled with, often, in my expierience if you attempt it they will scratch you and run away. Rabbits are pretty social with their own kind but rather then spend time with you they enjoy floor time. It seems like they poop every couple of hops, LOL! Well, they need hay or babies should have alfalfa, veggies are good, but they need RABBIT pellets, NOT guinea pig pellets. They have different ingrediants. Rabbits shouldn't be overfed and that is important so I don't know how much veggies you give your pigs (I give mine a good ammount) but most likely less, and they normally live around 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.. Somewhere around there.

12-24-07, 05:53 pm
Take a look at:

House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org)

Morfz.com (http://www.morfz.com)
(rabbit refs)

12-25-07, 01:35 am
I had a siamese satin rabbit that was nasty. He would bite you any time he could. I had a mini lop that was very sweet. Different types of rabbits have different personalities and different rabbits have different personalities. My Rabbits would also chew things up.Guinea pigs are more predictable. Having had several of both at different times. I find Guinea pigs more fun. I like all the sounds they make, I also have a neck cuddlier.
Food and mess are simular.My Rabbits always seem to smell worse than the piggies. I think it may have been that they were double the size of my pigs.

12-26-07, 06:56 am
Thanks you guys for all your help ! Could someone please tell me a bit about dwarfs ?