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12-21-07, 05:50 pm
Tomorrow I am rescuing some dwarf hamsters from a person giving them away for free on Craigslist. Can anyone recommend some good hamster info or sites?

Thanks so much!

Mommy Of One
12-21-07, 07:51 pm
Okay, well I have had hamsters for years and know alot about them.
Firstly, there are many breeds of hamsters, Syrians which are not a type of dwarf, Campbells, Winter whites, and Robrowvski's are all dwarfs. Just as guinea pigs, hamster cages in pet stores are much too small. You can make a bin cage which are cheap, roomy, and easy to clean. Here's a link on where you can learn to make one.
http://www.petwebsite.com/article_read.asp?parent_id=14&parent_name=Hamsters&id=256&title=Make%20A%20Homemade%20Hamster%20Bin%20Type%2 0Cage
Also, you may want to join a hamster forum, in that case I highly reccomend hamsterhideout.com, they are a great help. Hamsters should have a seed and pellet mixed diet, carefresh is best for them, they cannot have fleece like guinea pigs can, they may eat it and become impacted. Hay is a big no-no. They like to hoard their food and the hay may very well poke a hole through their cheek. Dwarfs, unlike Syrians can be kept in pairs and are often happier that way but they can still have a good life without a companion. They like to burrow in holes and will dig in the bedding so a hidey is not needed but is reccomended. Um, dwarfs are prone to diabete's and so it is wise not to give any pet store treats. They are rodents and their teeth are always growing so you will need some wood chew sticks. Oh, a wheel is a necessity but wired wheels are not good. They need solid wheels or else serious injury may occur. Give your hamster one or two days to settle befor attempting to handle him/her. You will likely need to tame him/her.
Here is another really good link.
Hamster Heaven .::. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.hamster-heaven.com/faq.html)
Good luck and remember how much we like pictures!!

12-22-07, 07:59 pm
Thank you so much for your help! I have been researching like crazy! I'm still waiting to pick them up. I'll let you know when I do!

Thanks again! :)

Mommy Of One
12-22-07, 09:15 pm
Your welcome, if you have any specific questions just ask.
I have had over five dwarfs, and two syrians. Oh, I forgot to menchion that if you ever see fluff, don't buy it! This is a choking hazard, and they may very well eat it and die from becoming impacted.