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11-27-04, 03:53 pm

I have had my guinea pig for a few months and have been using Carefresh bedding. But it is begining to get expensive and i ahve found it dusty and it has an odor. Right now i used old newspaper(not colored) to layer the bottom of the cage then used shredded newspaper on top. That is a smelly and whenever he moves he drags it with him. I just don't know what kind of bedding i should use. Does anyone have any ideas? I want something that is inexpensive and doesn't smell.

11-27-04, 04:55 pm
The odor is definitely from a too-small cage. You'll just have to spot clean and clean the entire cage more frequently.

The newspaper isn't all that absorbant.

How about using aspen? It's relatively cheap, is safe, and won't smell. Fleece also will work if you can wash it every day and have several changes.

11-27-04, 05:03 pm
thankx! My cage is not very small it is over 30 inches (not sure exatly) and i only have 1 gp.
Do you know where i could get the aspen bedding from? I cannot wahs the fleece everyday.
Also i have heard of megazorb but i don't know were i could get it in the US. Do you know if that is any good?

11-27-04, 05:07 pm
You can't get megazorb here. Besides, it's just the same as carefresh. I've heard some good stuff about cell-sorb (another paper bedding). You can find it online at places like www.critterstore.com (http://www.critterstore.com), www.theferretstore.com (http://www.theferretstore.com), www.petfooddirect.com (http://www.petfooddirect.com), etc. Aspen can be found at feed stores, pet stores (yuck), etc.

11-27-04, 05:48 pm
What do u think is the best out of all the choices?

11-27-04, 07:49 pm
you could try a layer of aspen and then a thin layer of carefresh. makes the carefresh last longer.

do your piggies use the bathroom in only certain areas? some peoples piggies do and then you could just use the aspen/carefresh there and fill the rest with shredded paper (free from the office)

11-27-04, 08:21 pm
my pig right now uses the whole cage but i am getting a litter pan and he will only be going in one corner

11-27-04, 09:51 pm
I use a three-inch layer of aspen and then a thin layer of carefresh.

11-27-04, 10:16 pm
30" length would make it pretty small how wide is it?

11-28-04, 01:52 am
my pig right now uses the whole cage but i am getting a litter pan and he will only be going in one corner
if the piggie doesnt use the bathroom in one place now, a litter pan will almost never change that. it usually only works for some people whose piggies go in the same area everytime.

11-28-04, 05:06 am
Yeah, 30" is like 2 grids which is small

11-28-04, 09:57 am
what size would be good? My cage now is 20 inches wide and 39 inches for length.

I was thinking of putting one layer of newpaper then cover the cage with aspen. Is that ok?

Starbucks-He mostly goes in one corner of the cage but sometimes in other places too.

11-28-04, 07:38 pm
make a 2X3 c&c cages its really cheap and easier to clean then petstore cages

11-28-04, 07:53 pm
what if i amke a 2x3 cage with an upper level of 2x2x1( L-shaped)?
Would that be easy to clean?

How do you make an upper level?

11-29-04, 02:13 pm
You just attach the grids to the top as well it pretty self explanitory once you get the cubes. Just so you know the ramp takes away from running space.

11-29-04, 11:53 pm
I second that aspen with a carefresh layering on top. It's what my pigs use. I layer the bottom with newspaper first and I also put a layer between my aspen and carefresh because the aspen got kicked up everytime they moved and dust went flying everywhere. I have no idea why Kaytee's aspen is so dusty for me. Anyway, by not being able to see my aspen layer, it looks as if it's all carefresh ;) It's a great illusion

11-30-04, 04:15 pm
thankyou very much

11-30-04, 08:15 pm
It's only about 5.41 sq feet, so you should build a 2x4 for two.

12-01-04, 04:20 pm
who are you responding to?

if to me i only have 1 piggie

12-01-04, 06:39 pm
Fleece also will work if you can wash it every day and have several changes.
not neccessarily. in my 2x3 cage, i only change the fleece about every 3-4 days, and even then, its not smelly or dirty looking at all. When i went away for 8 days, i came back and it still smelt and looked perfectly fine. but i like to change it at least every 4 days.

12-03-04, 01:33 pm
I was thinking of useing aspen bedding but i couldn't find it when i went to a local pet store. I know they might have it at Petsmart. What brand to most people use that works well?? Also, how much does it usually cost for qa 50 litter bag?

12-03-04, 09:56 pm
I use Kaytee's Aspen.. and yes, they do have it at Petsmart. They also have it online at their website if you want to check it out. You can get a 5 cubic foot bag of aspen (which equals about 141 liters) for $10.99 plus tax. I have a 3x5 cage for my 3 pigs.. so one bag of aspen only lasts me 3 or 4 times at most.. then I layer the top with carefresh.. and one 50 liter bag only lasts me 2 changings. I've found Kaytee to be cheapest because if you bought online, the shipping would kill you.

12-04-04, 09:42 am
thank you i am going to get the Kaytee Aspen bedding. I was wondering if it is absorbent? And will my guinea pig kick it out of his cage easily?

12-04-04, 12:01 pm
Well, it's definately not as absorbant as carefresh, but it works well as long as you change your piggies cage like once a week :) and since you have one piggie (right?) it should be fine! My piggies do kick it out of the cage only when they get scared and run.. so bedding and poop flies over the top of the C&C... but im sure this would be the case with any bedding unless you use fleece or something.

12-04-04, 01:23 pm
I don't have a problem with my pigs kicking Aspen bedding out of their cage. I made inserts (4" high) to put down in my cages. The newspaper goes in 1st., then the Aspen bedding, then plenty of hay on top of the bedding. So nothing gets kicked out. The hay gets packed down. When I change the bedding, I just pick up the insert, insert the insert in the trash bag and dump. I clean with vinegar & water and start over. Very simple and quick changeover.

12-05-04, 08:24 am
what is an insert?

12-05-04, 11:51 am
My inserts are made of corplast with 4" sides, with plastic ties and ducktape to keep any bedding in. When I clean, I just pick up the insert, stick it in a large plastic bag and dump it. I clean it, refill it and set in back in the cage. The inserts are only for the hay and bedding section, not the running section. In my 2x3 cage, I have two inserts so they will slide in the bag easy. Hope this helps.

12-05-04, 12:10 pm
i still am not sure what inserts are. Are they just like coroplast sidings? If you cou ld a picture mgiht help! Thankx

12-05-04, 12:38 pm
It's like a flat box. Measure the inside of your cage. If it's a 2x2 grid cage, cut the bottom flat piece of corplast just 1/4" less on all four sides. Cut (4) strips of corplast 4" high by whatever lenght the bottom is. Secure the 4" pieces with plastic ties to the bottom and at the top of the 4" pieces to make a box. Turn it over, use ducktape to seal off the bottom so bedding won't fall out. Set it inside of your cage. Put your newspaper, bedding and hay in it. If your cage is 2x3 or bigger, you might want to make 2 inserts. Just make sure they fit side by side. That makes it easier to fit in the trash bag, depending on what size bags you use. I have no pictures of them, but I have 2- 2x3 hay and bedding only cages which my pigs use for their hidy houses, food dish and hay bin etc, with an opening to get in their running cage. Look at my site in the members list and you might see what I'm talking about. I hope this helps.

12-05-04, 02:54 pm
ok thankx

And By the way, i LOVE your cage but how do you sleep in that bed with the tunnels on them and the guinea pigs crawling oput at night?

12-06-04, 07:44 am
I take all 5 ramps down and secure them in their big cage for the night.

12-06-04, 03:56 pm
that is so cool!!!!

01-10-05, 09:54 am
were can i see you pictures? as soon as i'm done with my yesterdays news and aspine i'm going to be using fleece- it sounds way easier adn less work to clean ( just shake out every day and wash every 3-5 days right?

01-10-05, 02:47 pm
were can i see you pictures? as soon as i'm done with my yesterdays news and aspine i'm going to be using fleece- it sounds way easier adn less work to clean ( just shake out every day and wash every 3-5 days right?
If you were talking to me, Just go to cornhill on the members page and you will see my pictures.

smileyface cavy
02-15-05, 05:05 pm
How about pine? My Carrot likes it.

lindsey's boys
02-15-05, 05:08 pm
Pine is a no-no, unless it's kiln-dried.

smileyface cavy
04-11-05, 02:28 pm
Why is pine bad?

04-11-05, 03:53 pm
Because it causes respitory(SP) and skin problems.

Slap Maxwell
04-11-05, 04:01 pm
Kiln-dried pine is fine, though. I used it but one of my pigs is allergic to it. I have tried fleece, which stained and came out of place, and carefresh, which was too expensive. I currently use aspen.

smileyface cavy
04-12-05, 07:18 am
Well, I use pine and Carrot's fine.

Slap Maxwell
04-12-05, 08:53 am
Well, I use pine and Carrot's fine.

Well, if your usuing regular pine, Carrot may not be fine anytime soon.

04-12-05, 06:56 pm
Smiley, the main problem with pine is that the aromatic oils in the wood can lead to respiratory problems. These same oils are present in cedar, though in higher concentration, which is why cedar is no longer recommended and is considered dangerous. If you're going to continue to use pine, try to let it sit out for a few days in an open container in order to let some of the oils dissipate. Otherwise your piggy may be in danger of picking up respiratory diseases.

04-23-05, 05:48 am
I heard that aspen is bad for guinea pigs because it can get in their throats. Is that a myth? Because I'd really like to switch to Aspen if I can find it in my area.

04-23-05, 07:58 am
Aspen is the best woodchip/shaving bedding for small animals!

04-23-05, 08:06 am
Thanks for clearing that up! I think I'll switch to an aspen CareFresh mix.