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09-25-07, 02:10 pm
I know that many of you are pretty new to our forum. I'd like to say welcome to GPC and I hope you enjoy your stay here. It would be nice if the newbies would take the time to read our rules, guidelines and policies http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/policies-guidelines/ along with our principles and philosophies http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/principles-philosophies/ so you all know what our forum stands for.

The main reason for this thread is that many of you aren't posting your questions or threads in the appropriate places. Every day, us mods have to move threads to the appropriate area so I am going to break the forum down for you and explain what each section is and what kinds of questions/comments/threads go in each section.

There are different forum areas as most of you know. This section is the Discussions area and consists of several subforums.

About Guinea pigs- for posting any pig related questions/comments that don't fit into any other category (questions on social life, dominance, etc.) and medical questions (remember if you have an emergency, don't waste time to ask our opinions but get your pig to the vet ASAP). You can also post a picture thread but we'd appreciate it if you'd keep one photo thread per member and update it as you take and show off new photos.

Diet and Nutrition- this area is for posting questions related to the diet and nutrition of your pig. Questions about vegetables/fruits, hay, and pellets all belong in this section.

The Kitchen- Discussions on petstores, breeding, showing and heated topics belong in this section. The kitchen has nothing to do with a cavy diet. We do not allow "How-to" discussions on breeding or showing. We also have new policies on YouTube videos.

Special and Reference Topics- All the Newbies should start reading this forum then work your way into other forums to read and post. We do not allow members to start or reply to any topics in this forum section. It's mainly for reference and for special topics.

In the News- for news articles and discussions on animal welfare.

The Cafe- this area is for all topics not related to guinea pigs and for general discussions.

Introductions- this area is for introducing yourself and your pigs and for introducing newly acquired pigs to the rest of the forum. One thread per member only. If you have questions about your pigs, it's better not to ask them in your introduction thread but make new threads with your questions in the appropriate forum section. You can tell us a bit about you, your pigs and other animals you may have in your introduction thread.

For Adoption- this isn't a forum section but rather a link to Guinea Pig Home - Home (http://www.guineapighome.com). A sister site run by our leader CavySpirit. It's about placement of guinea pigs. So if you are looking for a pig or needing to rehome a pig, it's the place to go.

Adoptables Discussion- for discussing pigs you'd like to adopt, posting ads about pigs that need rehomed and all discussion related to adopting/rehoming pigs.

Vegetarians- this forum section is for the support of those who chose a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and who want to learn more about becoming a vegetarian/vegan.

In Memory of- this area is for pet memorialization. You can put one thread per deceased pet in this section. You can post a tribute to a lost pet, seek help dealing with the death of a pet and discussions relating to losing your beloved pet.

For Sale- another link to Guinea pig home where members can buy/sell merchandise relating to guinea pigs.

Next we have the Cages area:

About cages- questions/threads about cages. How to build one, what to make cages out of, where to find materials, showing off your new cage and all general cage related questions belong here.

Cage Safety- if you have a question about the safety of a material you'd like to use for your cage or the safety of any toys or items used in the cage belong here.

Buying a C&C Cage- this section is mainly for posting questions about wanting to buy one of Sue's C&C cages.

Photo Galleries- direct link to the GPC photo galleries. Only pictures of proper sized cages that meet the guidelines and rules of this site are allowed. No petstore cage photos allowed, no pig pictures allowed and no photos with unsafe cages, accessories and foods will be allowed. Please read the rules before uploading photos into the galleries.

Links- If you have site that has photos of your pigs or their cages, you can post it here. This is not for posting links to other cavy sites or your own cavy forum sites. We do not allow members to post links to sites that contain breeding or showing information. They will be removed. We also don't allow people to put links to forums they've made themselves to try to get members to join.

The next section is Environment:

Bedding- any and all bedding related questions belong here.

Accessories- if you have questions about hidey houses/pigloos/cozies/hammocks/tents, water bottles, hay racks, toys, food dishes, etc., they belong here. If your question relates to the cage itself, put it in the About Cages forum.

Play Areas & Floor Time- questions relating to play areas, floor time and lap time are to be put in this forum.

Outdoor Environments- We do not condone outdoor housing on this site for a variety of reasons. This section is for putting questions about outside play areas, runs, and outdoor playtime. It's really not for asking if it's ok to house your guinea pigs outside because the answer will always be no.

The next forum section is UK, Canada and other Countries:

There are forum areas in this section for different parts of the world to ask questions on where to find materials, foods and supplies.

We have the C&C for other pets section.

In this section there is an area for asking about C&C's relating to rabbits, one for rats and another for all other animals. Please post your questions in the appropriate forum.

Then there is the Administration forum section:

What's New- basically this area is when CavySpirit or one of us mods need to announce new features that have or are coming to the site, galleries and forum.

Feedback and How Do I?- If you need to learn how to do something on the forum then this is the place to read. It covers pretty much everything.

Lastly there is the Community forum section:

In this area there are subforums containing our rules, policies and guidelines, another subforum containing threads related to our principles and philosophies and what we stand for here and then a discussion area.