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12-07-07, 08:09 pm
Hi, finally getting around to introducing my human and Guinea pig family.

I am married with 2 children a girl and a boy. They are 14 and 10 respectively. I am a stay at home mom and am currently homeschooling our son. This is his last year before we send him off to school.

While growing up we had several dogs and cats but never guinea pigs. I have been learning a lot from this site.

Our whole family are Star Trek fans hence the name of our piggies.

Porthos is the tricolored one and Tribble is the brown satin one. At first they didn't get along but now they are the best of friends. Porthos will quietly wait by the side of the cage for his veggies in the morning. Where as Tribble makes this weird sound, almost like a squirrel or chipmunk chattering.

They are in a 4x2 cage. I use a litter pan under their hay loft and fleese for the rest of the cage.

That's our family in a nut shell.

12-07-07, 10:10 pm
Hi. I'd say welcome but I see that you joined before I did. I am also a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. The nice thing about having the boys at home is that they have lots of time to interact with my other piggy boys.