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11-26-07, 09:39 pm
Earlier today I was watching my female rats sleep (creepy, I know) and I found that my momma rat Tristan had some funky eye goo. It looked like blood that had kind of crusted around her eye like 'sleep' normally would. I didn't see any puncture wounds, scratches, or inuries of any sort around the area. Has any one had something like this before or does any one know what it is? None of the other females have it. :confused:

11-26-07, 10:31 pm
Well, I only can say please take her to the vet.

I have had 9 ratties over the years and almost all of them passed from cancer. the worst case was my first girl, Abbie. She began bleeding from her eyes and nose a few hours before she got really sick. We took her in and the vet put her down for us.

I don't know if this is what is going on with your girl, but both times I experienced the bloody discharge did not end well.

Good luck!

11-27-07, 01:56 pm
Most likely that is porphyrin (http://www.ratbehavior.org/porphyrin.htm). It can be normal, but generally it is a sign of stress. It could also actually be blood, which would be more serious.

Take her in to your vet. They will be able to tell you if it is porphyrin and give a general check-up if it is, or do more intense treatment/diagnosis if it's something else. I think there might be some virus that can cause bleeding from the nose and eyes followed by seizures and other unpleasantness, among other things. So a vet visit should definitely be your next stop.

11-27-07, 09:40 pm
Oh my goodness. This all sounds so terrible!! A definate trip to the vet is in the near future. :sorry: Thanks so much you guys. Any more info would be great!

11-28-07, 05:02 pm
The site I linked had pretty good info. Actually- at a glance it seemed like really good info just all around about rats. Well researched and organized. The main site being Rat Behavior and Biology (http://www.ratbehavior.org/)

Hope your vet sorts out your rat's problem out today!

11-28-07, 05:48 pm
It was very helpful indeed! Much appreciated.