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11-26-07, 08:58 am
Hello. I've been lurking in these forums for a while and I joined last week (I think). Earlier this year I got my two boys, Timothy and Alfalfa, from a guinea pig rescue. They live in a C&C cage that is 2X2 (I think). I think C&C cages are the best and wish I had known about them when I had my other cavies (this was pre-Internet). I have been vegan for almost seven years. I look forward to discussing guinea pigs and how to make them happy. This is a picture of the boys in their favorite chair.

11-26-07, 09:07 am
You may find it better to have a 2x4 with 2 piggies, a 2x3 is the minimum for 1 piggy. Having boys aswell they tend to need more space so as not to get too territorial as they grow up.

Cute piggers though!

11-26-07, 10:56 am
Wow, those are really cute piggies!

I agree with cookie_gal that a larger cage would be better, if possible.

11-26-07, 11:33 am
Whoops. I meant 2x4. Sorry about the confusion.

11-27-07, 06:07 pm
Congratulations on the adoption!

11-27-07, 06:17 pm
Congratulations on your new furbabies! They're adorable...love the names as well.lol

11-27-07, 07:54 pm
They must be about two now. They were fully grown when I adopted them and the vets continually say that they are the largest guinea pigs they've ever seen.