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11-22-04, 04:50 pm
I am picking up some correx/coroplast tomorrow, I need to build three cages. The space is sort of limited at the moment, so I was trying to think of a way to build the three on top of each other. Really sorry if there are already threads on this, did a search but didn't come up with anything - if you can point me to a thread though that would be great.
Would three cages on top of each other made only from grids and correx, no wood or anything in between the levels be stable? I have cable ties as well as connectors to help secure it.
Also, how would I go about making doors that can open without the whole thing falling down? I was thinking maybe cutting removable panels out of the grids on one side of the cage and securing them with bulldog clips - would that work?
Thanks for any help :)

11-22-04, 09:46 pm
I'm not sure about the stability, and the door would be a bit sharp as it is wire. How about browsing through the galleries? There are many ideas there!

11-24-04, 04:40 pm
It wouldn't be stable at all(sorry!). To make doors, just get some cable ties and put here:
h h
Does that make sense? Then make the door close from pipe cleaners, binder clip, ect. Cable ties enable the grids to swing instead of staying in place.

11-26-04, 01:09 am
that would have to be a realy high cage.

for the doors, you could use binder clips to keep it closed. very easy and convinient. and if you decide to cut the doors from the grid, in other words cutting a square in the grid panel, you should get the binder edging "thing" to cover the cut parts.

sorry, i forgot what the binder "thing" was actually called. maybe someone else can help you.

12-02-04, 02:21 pm
Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I forgot I posted here! Thanks for all the suggestions :)
I managed to make the block as I'd planned, and I'm thrilled to say that it works really really well! It's very surprisingly sturdy, I am very pleased with it.
Here are a couple of pics :)



12-02-04, 04:15 pm
How many guinea pigs are in each cage? How have you made the doors

12-02-04, 04:44 pm
That's 5 square feet per cage.

12-03-04, 01:20 pm
There are three in the bottom at the moment (not permanently), one boar in the middle and two sows in the top.

12-04-04, 01:19 pm
you should really think about expanding their cages. thats not enough room for them. lianne

12-04-04, 01:23 pm
But, how do you get at them? Is there a "door", or do you have to disassemble it to clean the cages? How do you get the veggies to them?

12-04-04, 02:35 pm
Thats what I was thinking. There probably is a door that swings open (maybe on cable ties?)

12-06-04, 12:59 pm
you should really think about expanding their cages. thats not enough room for them. lianne

Yes, I am planning on expanding them as soon as I can - my dad said he'll help me build a bigger block of cages (from wood) but it's got to wait until after christmas. They all get floor time in the shed every day, it's the best I can do at the moment :(

The door I made by cutting a panel out of the front grids, and then attaching another grid over it with cable ties at the top and a binder clip at the bottom, so that it swings up.