View Full Version : Baby bunnies!

11-21-04, 08:49 am
I'm fostering a mamma rabbit and her five newborn babies for the shelter. They are so tiny! The mom has already made a mess of the condo and spilled pellets and hay on the ground so I'm going to make a choroplast bottom for it, how high should I make the sides? The babies shouldn't start leaving the nestbox until they are 2-3 weeks old, but I don't know how small they will be or if they might be able to squeeze out of the holes. I think the choroplast will provide some protection if the sides are high enough.

11-21-04, 10:04 am
I have no idea, but how nice of you to foster them for the shelter. I would love to see a photo of them when they venture out.

11-21-04, 12:07 pm
make it about 8 in high cause the babies are small for at least 2 or 3 months. Cool I bet the mommy is so happy not to be in the shelter. Got to see some Pic of all of them.

11-21-04, 03:18 pm
You can either double-grid or add a few inches to the 6" sides--8"-10" should work.

11-21-04, 04:39 pm
You can either double-grid or add a few inches to the 6" sides--8"-10" should work.
Do people use 8-10" sides for baby guinea pigs too?

11-21-04, 04:44 pm
Can anyone give me the measurements of the inside of a 2 X 4 cage using cable ties NOT the connectors? I want to make the choroplast bottom but I can't measure myself because of the rabbits.

11-21-04, 09:36 pm
do like a 27 inches by 55.5 inches It should be fine also make the sides higher than the usual 6 in. I know my 2x4 size is 27.5 by 56 inches.

11-23-04, 03:55 pm
I'm going to get the choroplast tomorrow and will make 10" sides. Thanks everyone! Today I took the babies out of the nest so I could get a good look at all of them. They are all going to be himilayans (like mom). Some are a week old now and they are all white (and still have their eyes closed). I discovered that there is a runt, but he might have been one that was born on Thursday. Some babies were born last Tuesday and the others were born last Thursday. Mom is doing well and she eats three large platefuls of mixed veggies a day. As well as unlimited pellets and hay.