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11-20-07, 08:51 pm
My friend's rabbit has a c&c cage that she just switched to instead of a metal dog crate. Her rabbit, Norman, only likes to be on the top of the cage...he hates the other two levels. (1x3x3 cage with a 1x2 level and a 2x3 level.)

Norman only stays in the top level and nevers comes out to play. She is e-mailing pictures tonight but how can she keep her bunny comfortable on all the other levels?

11-21-07, 09:16 pm
I keep my buns in large play pens made of of grids (2 high) zip tied together. Then I just use clips so I can open it up and walk right in. Bunnies really need more space like piggies instead of lots of levels.

Inside of the pens I keep a hidey house (usually large cardboard box), litterbox lined with newspaper and topped with hay, toys, grass mats, food bowl and water bottles.

Maybe you can pass along these sites:

House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org)

Morfz.com (http://www.morfz.com)
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