View Full Version : need a home soon

pet krazy
11-20-04, 08:10 am
I live in Oshawa Ontario. Can anyone take 2 guinea pigs? I can't keep them.Otherwise I'll have to take them to a shelter and I don't want to.

11-30-04, 08:22 pm
Why can't you keep them, if I may ask?

pet krazy
12-01-04, 09:59 am
You can ask but I won't tell you as it is a personal family matter. I love my pets,that is why I need a home for them.

12-01-04, 01:00 pm
Ah, not meaning to intrude. Just wondering whether it was something that could be fixed.
Sorry that you have to give them up. I'm looking for a male pig, but I live in Victoria. Good luck to you!

12-17-04, 04:00 pm
hey pet krazy. Did you end up finding a home for your piggies?