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11-19-04, 11:39 pm
I know that it says for our profile picture it can only be of guinea pigs. But could we have profile pictures from like Peta2 (http://www.peta2.com/tc/t-buddyicons.html)? Or of a different animal (example rabbit or cats)?

I totally understand the whole avatar pics. being only of guinea pigs because well after all this is a guinea pig forum. But I just thought it would be cool to have profile pictures of different animals, or peta2 avatars.

Anyways I just thought I would bring this up.

11-20-04, 07:20 pm
Any one????

11-20-04, 07:28 pm
I'm not sure, Treen or CavySpirit should be able to answer this one. As of now, I'd say no, but they may reconsider.

11-21-04, 01:37 pm
Your profile pic can be anything you want. It's only displayed when someone looks at your profile or the membership list, so it's not intrusive and distracting (as so many general avatar pics can be). The avatar MUST be of a guinea pig.

Again- G-rated is the only limitation and no animated gifs.

11-22-04, 12:47 pm
Ok thanks CavySpirit!!!

My Baby Mu
11-27-04, 03:32 pm
I was thinking since this does also have a rabbit forum on it couldn't it be of a rabbit? Also could it be like a guinea pig and another animal on it too? I was just wondering. This is on the avatar.

11-27-04, 04:43 pm
Yes, another small FURRY animal such as rabbit, rat, mouse, etc. would be fine. In other words, NO reptiles, cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, etc. Or a guinea pig with anything else is fine, as long as the guinea pig is easily visible. You can't fit much into an 80x80 pixel avatar anyway.

My Baby Mu
11-28-04, 01:12 pm
True, true. Just wondering. Thanks!

05-17-05, 09:10 am
So can I keep my current profile picture? I can take it off..

05-17-05, 11:45 am
Oh gosh, that piggy is so cute Laura!