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11-15-04, 03:56 pm
I have seen several people on this site that use shredded paper for bedding, and I was wondering if that was ok? Because we have a paper shredder, and I thought it would be cheaper to shread old newspaper or something that to buy bedding. Also, would it be ok if I just mixed shredded paper with the bedding I use now?

11-15-04, 04:08 pm
Yes, I've heard of people using shredded paper. As longs as its not coloured paper, it should be fine. However its not that absorbant so you need to change it daily, otherwise the pigs will be sitting in their own pee.

11-15-04, 05:29 pm
shredded paper works, there isnt anything wrong with using it. but it will need changing every day (and there is a smell). yea, it would probably work better if you mixed it with bedding.

11-15-04, 11:17 pm
i use shredded paper and it seems to work fine. you just have to spot clean more often because the paper isnt as absorbent, but other than that, its good. i use carefresh in the corners the piggies "dirty" also. just make sure there are no staples or anything.

11-16-04, 09:56 am
I don't think I would use shredded paper simply because it isn't absorbent enough. ever tried to use a piece of computer paper as a paper towel? Doesn't work.

11-16-04, 10:40 am
Shredded paper in high pee areas will act like a sheild for a while if you place it above the actual bedding. I used to do that I would have a thin layer of shredded paper over the actual bedding worked well. Saved bedding too. But it kinda stunk. And I guess I just stopped using it.

11-16-04, 12:18 pm
I don't think I could stand the stink either. Newspaper is sort of the same way as well.

11-16-04, 08:42 pm
I think paper towels would work better. The paper doesn't absorb much at all.

Why would you be using this? If it's to cut odwn on costs, you're better off using fleece. It has dailoy changes, too, but it's also reusable, and more absorbant.