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10-19-07, 06:51 pm
I have three babies in a 2x3 cage with two stories and they are so hard to catch that I find myself not playing with or holding them as much as I should. Any suggestions about how to earn their trust? they are 4 weeks old so bribing them with tidbits is out of the question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

10-21-07, 08:10 pm
You might try just making them a play pen out of grids (2 high) and zip tie them together. Don't zip tie the last 2 and use some kind of clips so that you can open it up and walk right in.

The best thing that you can do is sit in the pen and let them come to you. Maybe save their greens for this time and hand feed them.

For more bunny info:

House Rabbits - Behavior, Care, Rescue, Adoption, Education | House Rabbit Society (http://www.rabbit.org)

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(rabbit ref)

10-22-07, 04:12 pm
I have been told very stricktly not to feed veggies to a rabbit under the age of six monthes, That they could die from it. Is that not true?

10-23-07, 10:33 am
Take a look at this site:

Recommended diets (http://www.carrotcafe.com/diet/index.html#young)

10-23-07, 04:05 pm
I read that, and it said at 12 weeks to start feeding them veggies instead of six months. So thank you for that info, but they just turned four weeks old so I still cant use that to gain their trust. I did put them into a smaller cage on a shelf right inside my bedroom door and It seems to be helping I say hi to them every time I come into my room and they are starting to come up to me and lick my fingers. I am quite happy about that.
So thanks again