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10-19-07, 12:02 am
I am thinking of getting a pair of gerbils. I had them as a kid and they are so fun to watch. I am thinking for housing, getting a ten-gallon tank with a screen lid. BUT I want to get a cat in a year or so.....would a cat be able to get through that lid? What's a cat-proof gerbil housing plan?


10-19-07, 10:07 am
20 gallon is better if possible.
As long as the lid is closed securely and not opened just by pushing it would be fine.
I've seen cats looking at the Gerbils' antic.

10-19-07, 11:02 pm
awesome. my other question is, how do you mount the water bottle and still keep the lid on secure? the only water bottles I've seen are the kind that go over the lip of the tank.

10-19-07, 11:26 pm
10 gal would be too small, as yanglicious said 20 gal would be good or even more would be even better. As for the watter bottle you can get suction cup like things to put on it to stick to the side, I have never done this but have seen people do it, so I have no clue how to. Oh and with their wheel, be sure to get a solid plastic one without holes, there feet and tails can get stuck and broken in the holes of any size.