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11-13-04, 02:41 pm
Im looking for some babby guinea pigs. Please i might not be able to adopt. but if your in the new york area and your willing to sell your babies and maybe your c&c cage (or make me 1) i would pay. but not way to much. Because im begging my parents. There thinking about it. So please post.

11-13-04, 06:28 pm
#1 If you're not sure you can get some, you should wait until you are.
#2 If your parents don't approve of getting them, you should also wait.
#3 Why babies? What's wrong with adults?
#4 If cost is an issue, you should think about the daily expenses of actually keeping cavies. For example, hay, pellets, daily veggies, bedding, caging, vet bills, water, toys, etc.

Keep in mind that these animals are difficult to take care of, I think they are more difficult than cats, and maybe even dogs. Think about it long and hard before you actually decide.

11-13-04, 10:03 pm
Are you not able to adopt because of the adoption process? Then that means you probably aren't ready for pets quite frankly. Maybe you should wait until you are and discuss the issue with your parents. It isn't something to take lightly or rush into.

There are 145 guinea pigs in Have a Heart Rescue.
There are 30 at Amicable Animals rescue.
There are always some on Craig's List.

11-13-04, 11:20 pm
I think Eckerd just wanted to see what his/her options were for adopting. And then talk to his parents, if he found a good pair of guinea pigs, or a good place to adopt in the future. I find nothing wrong with wanting baby guinea pigs if you can adopt some, but there is also nothing wrong with adopting a older pair. And there is nothing wrong with not wanting to pay a horrendous amount for some ones used animal stuff, half of the time if you take guinea pigs in from some one they make you pay for their too small cage, their rotten food, and all this stuff that is useless to properly care for your guinea pig, so you have to go out and buy all the stuff that is really needed. And a CC cage shouldn't cost you more than $25 at the most, it is really easier to make your own than to take some one elses size, transport etc. You can get free coroplast, get an election sign from a neighbor or business.

Remember you need all of these things before even adopting your guinea pigs
1) A CC cage: cubes and coroplast sometimes cable ties
2)Food (preferably CavyCuisine)
3)Food Dish
4)water bottle
5) Optional: Some thing to put hay in you can use a kleenex box, or buy a hay rack, or use bent grid.
6)Veggies and fruits (don't buy these too far ahead of time)
7) Bedding, you have many options
8) A hut/hidey house(you can buy one or make one for free.)
9) a couple of toys
10) Hay
11) Locate a good vet

Those are all the things I can think of right now. But I think those are the main things you need right away. Other things can be made or purchased later. Please add to the list lol, I always go brain dead after a while when making a list!

11-14-04, 12:20 am
I agree with everything mentioned above. I definately didn't realize how much piggies cost until I actually did more research.. and that was once I ALREADY had the pigs. Before, I thought to myself, "eh, it's only the initial cost of getting the pigs, a cage set up and some food. It can't be that much. They're so small!" But maintaining them has definately cost me a significant amount. Of course, I don't hold back on anything and give them everything they need, but please do make sure that you have money set aside for all of the items mentioned above and certainly for emergency vet visits! Each of my pigs have different personalities and tastes so I have to spend money to experiment with different toys, foods and treats - although you can certainly save money and make some of the toys yourself. I agree with MN, guinea pigs seem to require more attention and care than cats and dogs, but that is simply my opinion. I know all of my friends and family are astonished at how much I invest in and care for my pigs, but they are worth every penny!

11-14-04, 12:28 am
12) Nail Clippers (unless you feel like spending money and getting them done at a vet, but it's costly and you'd have to take them every couple of weeks). Clipping nails is quite the task for a guinea pig owner!

13) A soft brush if you adopt long haired pigs? I have one anyways and I have short haired pigs.

14) Consider what you will use to clean the cage.. I use a vinegar and water mix. Also, have a tube brush available to clean out the water bottle.

15) I also keep a gentle pet shampoo on hand incase I need to dump the pigs in the tub, but they hate it and I don't do this very often.

Now that I think about it.. these are more things that you'll eventually need.. not so much when you first adopt a pig. But I guess it's good to know what lies ahead.

I haven't seen anybody mention anything about a mineral/salt wheel, but I use have for each of my pigs. Only one really uses it.. does anybody else use one here?

11-14-04, 12:41 am
Piggies aren't supposed to be given mineral or salt wheels. They have no nutritional value. And the salt wheels are actually quite salty and actually kind of 'sting' when the cavies lick them. They are not needed at all, I would throw yours in the trash! Petstores sell them to make more money.
See this thread on salt licks- http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2127&highlight=salt+wheels

Yep piggies are way more expensive than cats in general. I spend more on my piggies in a couple of months than what I used to spend on my cats shots per year (I now give them shots myself, I buy the shots online super cheap, and administer them myself, usually under a $1.00 per shot now). But in general over all per year the cats are way cheaper than the piggies. They are a lot more work too.

11-14-04, 12:56 am
FYI Eckerd, baby piggies, though adorable, tend to be squirmy, nibbly, and too curious for their own good! My Zorro broke his leg when he was only a few months old. If you get babies, you won't be able to pick by personality. Regardless, save up a couple of hundred dollars JUST IN CASE you have to go to the vet!!! I'm constantly at the vet!!! You never know!

BTW, everyone, Veterinary Pet Insurance has a great program for GPs - but you have to pay up front and submit claims, etc. It's best for just-in-case-your-pig-needs-some-really-expensive-procedure.

11-14-04, 12:58 am
His post says that he isn't able to adopt for some reason and that he is looking for someone to sell him two baby guinea pigs. I think he's trying to figure out the cost or trying to get them cheap as a way to convince his parents.

Guinea pigs are not cheap if taken care of properly.

I think Eckerd just wanted to see what his/her options were for adopting.

11-14-04, 01:44 am
His post says that he isn't able to adopt for some reason and that he is looking for someone to sell him two baby guinea pigs. I think he's trying to figure out the cost or trying to get them cheap as a way to convince his parents.

Guinea pigs are not cheap if taken care of properly.I never said they were cheap. I know they aren't lol.
Well a lot of people don't want to adopt for various reasons.
I think everyone should adopt (I wish I had at first), but not every one can or is willing to.
Maybe his/her parents don't want to adopt guinea pigs for him, look at it this way he could just be trying to find some piggs to adopt from a person that is trying to find homes for them instead of going to a rescue or shelter at least he/she didn't say anything about going to a pet store.
Well he is going to end up spending at least a $100 for two piggs and supplies.
Thats what I think. Um if he/she doesn't have the money to adopt piggs and buy supplies, and for an emergency vet check then he/she shouldn't even get piggs right now.
They aren't cheap plain and simple like you said!
I must have misunderstood the sell part, I took it as I want to adopt some piggs from someone that can sell me a cc cage. Because he can't adopt for what ever reason, which I was assuming parents.

11-14-04, 06:11 am
I could adopt also. And i know about all those stuff. Its kinda of the same with hamsters. And i wont be getting short hairs.

Where is Have the heart rescue? Is it in long island or new york city.?
I will adopt a adult. As long as its not 7 years old or 8 years old.
And im just trying to gather all the informaiton.

Oh yeah. I heard that some people get there coroplast from Election signs? Can you do that?

Thanks for all the information. I'll probally email this thread to my parents. For more stuff on my christmas list.
Hehehe. lol

Give me prices please. And sites or pictures.

Thanks for all the help

11-14-04, 11:33 am
Have A Heart Rescue- http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/haveaheart.html

Coroplast: $20 at the most for a 4x8 sheet, free at the lowest price election signs.
Cubes: $14.99 at Target, when on sale $9.99 (Pack comes with 23 grids 26 connectors)
Cable ties- Buy in bulk cheaper $2 (lowest) $6 (highest)
Food Bowl: $3 at the highest, $1 at the lowest (Dollar tree)
Hay Rack: $7 from petstore highest, or free if you use a bent grid or kleenex box, lowest
Water Bottle: $6 at the highest, $2 at the lowest
Food: Cavy Cuisine- 5lbs for $11-$14 (highest) or $8-$9 (lowest)
Bedding: Prices vary greatly depending on what you use. Kiln Dired pine and Aspen are cheaper than Carefresh, fleece is pretty cheap if your parents don't mind washing. Really you have find this out on your own.
Hay: Mini Bale- $4 (lowest) $10 (highest). Whole Bale- $6 (lowest) (Highest-->) $25
Vet Check: $19.99 (lowest for pair) $50 (for a pair) look in the phone book and call around.
Hidey House: $18 (a wooden one, highest) Free (lowest). You can just use a card board box or many other things.
Toys: $15 (highest) Free (lowest) see here- http://cavycages.com/toys.htm
Nail Clippers: $9 (highest) $4 (lowest)
Pet Shampoo: $10 (highest) $3 (lowest)
Cleaning Mix (vinager and water is free): $4 (highest) $1 (lowest)
Brush: $6 (highest) $1 (lowest)

These prices are what I found to be average. They may be higher or lower for you. But this gives you parents an idea.

11-14-04, 11:48 am
Hmm. Okay. Let me check out have a heart rescue. Thanks for all the information.

11-14-04, 11:49 am
thats in new jersey..

11-14-04, 11:55 am
Hmm. Okay. Let me check out have a heart rescue. Thanks for all the information.Your Welcome!
Here is a link so you can locate a good place to get coroplast near you if you can't find any free election signs.

11-14-04, 12:14 pm
Yeah. But wont the election signs hurt them. and it rained so i dont think thell be so good.

11-14-04, 01:22 pm
The election signs won't hurt them! I even gathered some so I could make an upper deck. They will have to dry for a while (a couple days thats how long I waited). But they should work out fine!

11-14-04, 01:37 pm
They regularly take guinea pigs from NY. They may be able to transport one, but there are always guinea pigs in Craig's list needing a new home and there's this rescue:


There are also about a dozen in shelters. Please consider getting two. They need friends.

11-14-04, 02:06 pm
Thank you guys. You guys are very helpful. Im going to give my mom the list. So she could think it over for christmas.

11-14-04, 03:10 pm
I could adopt also. And i know about all those stuff. Its kinda of the same with hamsters. And i wont be getting short hairs.

Where is Have the heart rescue? Is it in long island or new york city.?
I will adopt a adult. As long as its not 7 years old or 8 years old.
And im just trying to gather all the informaiton.
Hamsters and cavies are two very different animals. I wouldn't even go so far as to compare them at all! Cavies are TONS more work.

Why won't you be getting short-haired cavies? There's nothing wrong with them. If you have a specific kind in mind, think again. There are more cavies out there that need to be adopted than just babies that have long hair.

Why would the elections signs hurt them???

I agree, ditch the salt licks. They're not necessary, and they also cause medical problems liek kidney stones.

11-14-04, 03:53 pm
After reading the salt wheel thread, I immediately sent my BF and IM since the pigs live with him.

Me on IM: "A lot of people think it's like people adding salt on to their food - it's not necessary and it's not healthy. We all need some salt, but they should be able to get what little they need from their natural diet. Most pigs given a salt/ mineral wheel will only have a taste now and then, but some pigs do go nuts on them and that's definitely not healthy.
Also with the mineral wheels, some people feel that an excess of certain minerals can upset the balance in their body. And if they contain calcium for example, and the pig is prone to bladder/ kidney stones, it could make that worse.

There just aren't really any pluses to having them, but there are potential problems so it's best to leave it."
Boyfriend on AIM: !?
Boyfriend: uh oh
Boyfriend: me take them off now

Lol.. thanks guys!! I wish I knew uh.. 6 months earlier :( Well, I'm glad only one of my three pigs went after it.. but the one pig that did enjoy it would sit by his salt wheel and water bottle for 15 minutes straight alternating between licking and drinking...I hope he'll be okay :(

And to Eckerd, if the pigs do become a present for you, please remember that a lot of care must be put into taking care of the cavies for the long-term run. I think they live longer than hamsters, too.. could be wrong, haven't done research. ! I'm glad you've come to this message board for information prior to getting the pigs, however. That does show responsibility on your part. I can't stand people who think they're just cute, get them as a present and become bored with them or frustrated with funding their needs 2 months later. That's how I adopted my Brownie when somebody left him in a cage sitting on the counter of a pet store. Regardless, good luck Eckerd!

11-14-04, 05:18 pm
Hamsters live for 2-3 years. Dwarves live for 1-2. Cavies live from 5-8, maybe even 9!

It's great that you found out about the salt licks. No damage done, I'm sure, because you caught it before it had become a large problem.

It's also awesome that you adopted your cavy!

11-15-04, 12:18 am
Guineatv where did ya hear about pet insurance for Guinea pigs. Can you give me more info or a site to go to. Thanx

I didnt know about the salt wheel until about a month ago I read about it and got rid of it.

11-16-04, 05:17 pm
you know where i said short haired. I meant long haired. I dont really like long haired for some reason.