View Full Version : chins in a bedroom?

10-11-07, 08:57 pm
Would chinchillas be too noisy at night to keep in a bedroom?

10-12-07, 02:43 pm
Yes! Since they are nocturnal, they are up all night playing. They also need a wheel, which can get very noisey. Most people wouldn't even have the room needed for a chin cage in their bedrooms. They need a huge cage.

10-17-07, 07:28 am
Do you have the chin(s) already? Chin approved wheels like the chinspin and Flying Saucers are generally quite when installed properly. I have flying saucers and I don't hear anything but their hitting the metal. Depending on the type of cage, you may hear the cage rattle from the chin running on the wheel. Wire and plastic wheels are noisier and unsafw for chinchillas.

10-17-07, 09:51 am
My chin uses the Chin Spin and the entire cage rattles and sounds like thunder!

10-17-07, 11:51 am
It probably depends on how you sleep, too. I'm rather missing the squeaking and rustling from my gerbils- one of the reasons I was rather wanting another rodent. I've had little rodents (mice, gerbils, hammies) in my room most of my life, so I'm pretty used to it. Chins are a lot bigger than gerbils/mice/hamsters, though, so I assume their noise level would be proportionately more.

10-17-07, 01:10 pm
I think it depends on how heavy of a sleeper you are. I have 2 Gpigs, 2 Cats and a Hamster in my room at night and I sleep fine, but I'm used to them and there noises. It would also depend on their wheel and if the cage rattles when they run on it or when they jump, there are too many variable to know for sure. Also even if the cage will fit in your room :)

10-22-07, 09:05 am
Yea, it depends if noise bothers you at night.
I have 3 hamsters and 2 chinchillas in my room at the mo (plus my 2 piggies soon), but I'm used to the amount of noise they make, in fact I can't sleep without it :)