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10-03-07, 11:51 am
I haven't been here in a while. Almost a year I guess, so I felt a reintroduction was in order. As per the rules this is the same name and account I had before, I wasn't banned or anything it was just a little tough to be around happy piggie parents when mine were gone.

I started out all wrong, I got my two girls from a store (ahhhh) but I found this site and learned the error of my ways quickly. I built a very large C&C cage and my two girls became 3, when one of my piggies gave birth. We didn't know she was pregnant. All was right in the world for a while until my youngest son started having severe allergies associated with the girls.
We went to the doctor, and then to the allergist and ran tests. Since he was only 18 months at the time I really didn't have the heart to have him go through allergy shots every day, and on top of that I was pregnant.

It was in the best interests of the piggies, and my children, to re-home them. Anyone who was on the board at that time and spoke to me knows that it was not a decision I came to easily and I cried over it many times. The owner of South Carolina Guinea Pig Rescue and a fellow Guinea Pig Cages Member offered to take my girls in, even though she was closed to owner surrenders. One sad September day I made a 3 hour drive to Orangeburg and gave my girls up, I cried the whole way home. My oldest son still gets upset from time to time. My youngest son doesn't really remember because he was so little, and in November of that year we welcomed our daughter Allyson into the world.

So here I am, piggie-less. I miss my girls, but I like seeing all the pigtures and hearing all the stories about what everyones babies are up to, now that some time has passed. Hopefully I'll be able to find out how my girls are doing too. I tried emailing her a few times and didn't get anywhere.

Hopefully a guinea pig isn't a prerequisite for this site, but a love of them should be good enough right?

10-04-07, 10:16 am
Hello again Buggie! And a warm welcome back!

I can only imagine the despair you have been through, and appreciate your return! :cheerful: Belated congratulations on the birth of your daughter Allyson - she will be almost one now, and best wishes for the continued good health of your family!