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09-26-07, 09:59 am
Whenever I "Google" Guinea Pig Accessories Petco always seems to pop up with several examples of items that are not safe for our little friends. I contacted them to suggest taking guinea pigs down from the list of pets their "Run-Around Ball" was safe for. I also mentioned that the piggy they have pictured in their start-up home was too big for the small cage and maybe they should clearly address that it is specifically for babies until a larger area is constructed. I know we all know better, but first time parents may not be aware and trust stores like Petco to educate them about the needs of their pets. Well, in no time at all I received a response and I thought maybe you all would like to read it as well. Maybe if more e-mails are sent in by guinea pig owners they will learn to be less liberal with their "research?"

"Dear Lauren,
Thank you for contacting PETCO regarding the products we offer for guinea pigs on PETCO.com. The products that we recommend for all small companion animals have been researched by our merchandisers. However, we take concerns like your seriously so I have forwarded them to our ECommerce team for review. We certainly appreciate any suggestions and advice for paving the way toward the best care any of our animals can receive.
Thank you again for contacting PETCO.com. Please know that we care about our customers and what they think of us. By letting us know when we fall short of your expectations, we have the opportunity to address your concerns and to be better prepared to meet your expectations in the future. Please contact us if you have any other questions or concerns. Sincerely, Billy C.
Customer Relations Coordinator

At PETCO, Animals Always Come First... Our People Make it Happen!"

-I'm sorry if a post has been made like this before, I could not find one and know I can't possibly be the first person with this idea.