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09-24-07, 04:36 pm
I placed an order with harbor sales a few days ago and I got a call and they can't ship the coroplast. They had a good deal I needed 2 4X8 sheets to make the base for my soon to be connected giant cage. The only place near me that sells it is selling it for $32 for 1 sheet! Does anyone know of a good place that will either ship it to me online or has any suggestions on where to go to get it for free from like an old political sign or something. Thanks in advance.

09-24-07, 05:43 pm
Arent there any sign stores near you? It would be cheapest to get them form there, look up "signs" in the yellow pages and call around, I'm sure you'll find some for a reasonable price, even if you have to search out of your intermediate neighborhood, I had to drive all the way into the St. Louis suburbs to get mine, it took almost an hour.

09-24-07, 06:27 pm
I have 2 sign stores near me one said $32 and the other has been closed for a week due to personal reasons. I have just finished a 102"X50" wire shelving/grid cage with a plywood base and a pet store cage as a kitchen I have enough room for like 3 more pigs but my parents won't let me have more than 2. I'll get pictures up as soon as I can.

09-24-07, 07:02 pm
Hmm I paid $30 for the Coroplast to make my 3x2. I'm guessing I paid too much it seems.

09-25-07, 08:13 am
Are any of these locations near you? This is where I get my coroplast in Austin for $10 a sheet (4x8) and they will cut it at no charge if I ask.

Regal-Champion Plastics - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
11776 S. Choctaw Drive - Baton Rouge, LA 70815
Telephone: Toll Free: 225/275-2010 800/749-3240
[email protected] ([email protected])

Regal Plastics - Shreveport, Louisiana
4321 Greenwood Road - Shreveport, LA 71109
Telephone: Toll Free: 318/635-0561 800/821-7909
[email protected] ([email protected])

Regal Plastics - Dallas, Texas
2356 Merrell Road - Dallas, Tx 75229
Telephone: Toll Free: 972/484-0741 800/441-1553
[email protected]

Regal Plastics - Austin, Texas
9311 Metric Blvd. - Austin, Texas 78758
Telephone: Toll Free: 512/836-3629 800/284-0152
[email protected]

Regal Plastics - Fort Worth, Texas
4009 E. Loop 820 S. - Fort Worth, Texas 76119
Telephone: Toll Free: 817/429-0366 800/772-7580
[email protected]

Regal Plastics - San Antonio, Texas
4041 Rittiman Road - San Antonio, Texas 78758
Telephone: Toll Free: 210/599-8291 800/725-8291
[email protected]

09-25-07, 04:16 pm
No thanks anyway.

09-27-07, 11:13 pm
darn, I pay about 40 dollars for mine (they cut it for me, and score it if I like, plus I keep the scraps. But then again, I live in Connecticut, where everything costs more.

09-28-07, 06:58 am
Have you tried a FedEx Kinko's? Some of them have a sign and graphics department. I got my choroplast there for $18 and they cut it to whatever size I needed. Check their website and see if their is one near you.

09-28-07, 08:13 pm
I found a good store and i get it for 18 it is a sign store will they cut it and score it.

10-02-07, 06:43 pm
What zise did you bought? I need 27"X56"