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09-23-07, 12:54 pm
Is there a way to buy just the connectors and not the grids? I have plenty of grids but 1 connector left. I'm not a big fan of the zip ties but if I have to get them I will. I personally like the connectors better. It looks nicer.

09-23-07, 01:02 pm
There are places online to order only connectors, but they are pretty expensive if I remember right. I used the links on this website to get to them.

09-23-07, 01:19 pm
You can buy them from this site http://www.guineapigcages.com/buycc.htm

09-23-07, 01:41 pm
You can use cable ties or bread ties instead of connectors.

09-23-07, 01:52 pm
Someone posted a link in this forum area earlier to an ebay auction selling just connectors.