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09-22-07, 07:35 pm
Hello! New here...

I just adopted a new pig for my lonely female, and STUPIDLY trusted the people that the new one was a female. Well, naturally after an hour and a half drive home I took "her" out and "she" is without a doubt a he. :guilty: (In my defence I had good reason 3 days ahead of time to think it was a female, so I didn't even think about it when I picked him up).

Well, ok, it's not a big deal I guess. I have temporarily split the 2x4 C&C cage down the middle and one is on each side until I can get him neutered. I also covered his half with two extra grids so he doesn't get the urge to climb over to greet her.

My quesition is has anyone EVER had a breeding happen through the grids? I am really, really concerned about an accidental breeding happening. Advice welcome!!!

09-22-07, 07:50 pm
I have heard of it happening with rats but I am not sure about guinea pigs. Perhaps you could get some cardboard of coroplast to attach to the grid separator, just to be on the safe side. Although if they have already been together then it is likely that the female is already pregnant.

09-22-07, 08:33 pm
Oh no they have not been together. Unless they bred through the grids, there is no way she is bred. I do have some extra coroplast I could use on the separator, but if they can't breed through the grids I'd rather not use it because they LOVE seeing eachother.

09-22-07, 08:40 pm
I really can't see how they could possibly breed THROUGH the grids. If you have a lid over the top of his section, you'll be OK. I have 3 girls and 3 boys and have grids separating them and after many months, no babies...

They like to sit at the divider and talk dirty to each other :)

Glad you caught the mistake before you put them together. Oh, and be sure to wait a good 3 weeks after neuter to take the divider down.

09-22-07, 08:49 pm
Oh, I am sorry. I thought you brought 2 guinea pigs, and realised one was a male after awhile. But I now realise that you brought a friend for your guinea pig and before they were put together you realised one was a male. Kudos to you for doing so!

I dont see how the guinea pigs could do so, and agree it would be good if they could still sniff and talk through the bars. But if you are really worried extra coroplast or cardboard could be used.

09-22-07, 08:57 pm
Ok, thanks guys. It sounds like I can rest easier knowing that they can't do anything more than talk dirty to eachother! hehe

09-23-07, 03:12 am
I have 3 girls and 3 boys and have grids separating them and after many months, no babies...

They like to sit at the divider and talk dirty to each other :)
Katie are your 3 boys all together in one cage? If so I'm surprised if they don't fight being right next to the girls. When I had 3 boys together they would fight if a little of the girls bedding fell into their cage.

09-23-07, 07:50 am
It really depends on the boys and their personalities. My three-boar trio (before Gizmo passed) couldn't have less interest in girls. At one point they were also mingled with my two spayed females, and they didn't even seem to realize they were female at all (though the spayed females' neutered husband certainly does). Some pigs are more laid back than others.

Usually younger boars have more issue with this than older boars.

09-23-07, 08:36 am
Thats cool. I always thought there was no way you could have more than one boy with girls. Has anyone else had success with this?

09-23-07, 08:38 am
It's the exception, and not the rule. In general, most males are too ornery to do that with, but my trio of boars are laid back pudge-sacks. The other male, Hobo, was not not, and was always quite snippy about the whole thing, so I ended up separating them.