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09-22-07, 07:34 pm
I was wondering I have two pigs and I have a new set of 14 grids. Should I make a 2 X 3 with an upper level or a 4 X 3 with 1 floor. I also get a brand new sheet of 4' X 8' coroplast. So I would be able to build the ramp that takes up the least amount of space with the extra. I also have extra wire shelving so any ideas are greatly appreciated. A 4 by 2 grid cage would leave me with close me with how much extra coroplast?

09-22-07, 07:46 pm
With 2 boars a 2x3 will not be big enough, even with the 2nd level as the ramp leading to the 2nd level actually takes away from floor space. The 4x3 would be much better.

09-22-07, 07:48 pm
You worded your post in a way that confuses me, but I will try my best to answer your questions anyway. Your guinea pigs are boars (if I remember correctly) so a 2x3 is too small, regardless of the fact that upper levels do not count to overall square footage and that a ramp takes away from the floor space. A 4x3 would be the biggest and by far the best as a pose to a 4x2 (which is the minimum for 2 boars).

09-22-07, 07:49 pm
Thanks do you know of any uses for my extra wire shelving from my old cage? I have 5 shelves of extra. I could possibly make a 5 X 2. Instead of a 4X3.

09-22-07, 07:55 pm
If you have any other animals (like dogs or cats), wire shelving can be used to make the cage closed in. There are numerous things that you can make with the wire shelving whether it be hidy houses or hay racks. As you will be working with wire shelvings it will be harder as a pose to using grids.

I actually think a 4x3 is bigger as it is equal to 12 sq ft compared to a 5x2 which is equal to 10sq ft. I think.

09-22-07, 08:10 pm
A 4x3 willl not work. The sheet of coroplast is not wide enough. A 5x2 will work. Since most grids are 14'' long and not 12''. I have my two guys in a 5x2 and they love it.

09-22-07, 08:16 pm
Actually you can make a 4x3 grid cage from a single sheet of coroplast if you don't mind one side being taped on. The first cage I built was a 4x3. Everything is all one piece except I had to use a piece of the extra coroplast to create one side. It works just fine. I taped it on the bottom so the piggies can't get to the tape. I hope I am explaining it properly so you understand what I mean.

09-22-07, 09:09 pm
Clotho can you send me a pic or something because I sort of understand but I kind of don't. I think I should make a 5 X 2 since the coroplast will fit better. But if I could get some other directions I'll stick with the 4 X 3.

09-22-07, 09:47 pm
You might not even have to tape a side on if you make the walls smaller by a few inches? I don't know though, since my coroplast was pre-cut. You could also make two halves so one slides over the other and you just tape the middle, if that makes sense.

09-22-07, 09:51 pm
I think I'm fine with two and half inch tall sides on the long sides. It's not like they are gonna crawl over the sides and some how escape. And I don't have bedding so there is nothing they can knock over the sides.

09-22-07, 10:42 pm
Frank, my 2 boars are in a 2x5, and they love it and are very happy, and get along really well most of the time. Judging from how happy my boys are in their new home, I'd say a 2x5 is just fine, if that's what you want to stick with. I'm sure your pigs will be extremely happy!! (Especially if they go into the 2x5 straight from a pet store cage, like my boars did. They just didn't know what to do with themselves! lol)

09-22-07, 11:18 pm
Alright. My old pet store cage will serve as an addition which will either be their litter box or their kitchen. My older pig doesn't like ramps so I am trying to find a way to make a smooth transition into the pet store cage and the C&C cage. Any ideas.

09-22-07, 11:32 pm
What does your ramp look like? Is it steep? Does it have a solid base? Is the ramp lined with side-railings? Do you have some sort of material for grip?

All of the things above need to be thought about. Try to make the ramp gradual and not steep, with a solid coroplast or wood base, side railings and carpet or fleece for grip.

If you decide against having a ramp to the pet store cage, you can make it into a litter box or kitchen area. Is the top of the pet store cage removeable? If it is, remove the top, cut an opening and fill with bedding. If the top of the cage can not be removed, then it may be harder. If you could cut a hole through the plastic base and maybe half of the wire top using bolt cutters (or something else) to create an opening, that would be a start. You will need to make sure all edges are not sharp.

09-22-07, 11:37 pm
The answer to all your questions above is yes except I don't have side railings but it isn't steep at all. I will cut the opening in the pet store cage. Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have thought to cut an opening in it, I would have made a ramp.

09-23-07, 09:42 am
I'm moving this thread to "About Cages" where it belongs.

You can make a 3x4 with one sheet of coroplast. You can make 3" sides if you don't use the connectors but use zipties instead. Then use fleece with something absorbable underneath. You will need some sort of bedding with the coroplast. I have used shavings with 3" sides but they do get kicked out so you will be vacuuming more but fleece works well with short sides.

09-23-07, 10:13 am
This is a pic of my first cage I built for the boys - a 3x4 grid cage. The left hand side in the picture is a separate piece of coroplast that I just taped on. I had enough width to do the whole bottom plus one side - that left side is added on.

As Ly said, you could also just make those sides 3 inches tall and it would all be one piece. Then you could even just tape extra height onto those sides so you'd have 6 inches height everywhere. You will have a piece of coroplast left over that you can use once you cut off the length you need.

However, I must say that a 5x2 would be MUCH easier to clean and MUCH easier to catch your piggies in. I did not have room for the 5 grid length in the room I'm using since I had to fit in a big cage for the girls too. Thus, I went for the 3x4 because it made the best use of my space. I would have done a 5x2 if I had been able to work it out.