View Full Version : Mini-cage redesign

09-19-07, 03:49 pm
I finished late last night. I didn't too much except replace most of the old coroplast and then cleaned enough of the old. I redid the ramp, food area. Enclosed the hay area so nothing would get on the floor anymore. I also added the medic/quarentine cage to the base area. I've also made a hollow area in the back to store the travel cage. It works very well and the boys seem to enjoy it.

09-19-07, 07:15 pm
Thats really awesome. I love your cage, but isnt it hard to get them out of?

09-19-07, 08:33 pm
Nope. Thanks to the extra swing doors on the top. I just reach right in and get them. The only place I can't really reach is directly under the hay rack. Smore has figured that out when he doesn't want to be bothered.

09-19-07, 08:47 pm
Nice cage! Very spacious, I'm sure your boys love it! I was thinking the same thing Jenni, but with the swinging doors on the top I can see how it would work. Congratulations on a job well done!

09-19-07, 09:34 pm
I am going to add a bit of carpeting to the small landing for the ramp. The boys go slow but just a little bit of extra traction will go a long way. I'm doing it first thing tomorrow before I head to work.

09-19-07, 09:38 pm
Ha ha, Smores the smarty pig. :)

09-19-07, 09:38 pm
I had to carpet the girls ramp too, just so they had something to grip onto. I used an old carpet door matt which I washed with the usual 50% water, 50% vinegar solution before putting it to use. Now-a-days they run up and down the ramp really fast.

09-20-07, 10:18 am
Thats a very nice, very spacious cage. How do you cleanit?

09-20-07, 04:18 pm
OPen it up and go to work.