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11-06-04, 08:41 am
Hello, I was directed here by a friend in another message board because I needed a new cage. I didn't have that much money to spend but I wanted a large cage. I took a look through all the cages in the photo section and fell in love with the cage style. I just have a few questions though: where did everyone get their grids? And is there an alternative to the coroplast(or whatever its called, sorry!)?

thanks for your help!

11-06-04, 03:20 pm
Um an alternative for Coroplast is Linolium, you can purchase Coroplast at a sign store. If you live in the US then you can most likely get some of those big political signs and use them in your cage. Um the grids can be purchased at Target, Fred Meyer, Staples, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, Linen and Things, and many other places.

11-06-04, 04:24 pm
Oh I also need to add, that Walmart and Kmart (Kmarts grids are a different size so you have to measure your self when cutting the coroplast) carries cubes aka grids.
Target always has their cubes on sale like once a month. They usually go on sale for $9.99(sometimes $11) for 23 grids, and 24 (+ 2 extra) connectors. Um the regular price for them is $14.99 at target.

11-07-04, 10:27 am
also, one more thing: when you have the large connectors like you do when you get the 14" grids from costco how do you make doors? I Built my cage yesterday and I'm really stumped! I saw in pictures that It could be done with the connectors I think but I really don't know how. Please help!


11-07-04, 12:18 pm
They actually don't use those connectors they use cable ties as hinges so the door (s) can open.

See this it is very explanatory

And this is a rabbit cage that has a cable tie door.

(the door is on the bottom where the grids our on the outside)

11-07-04, 12:20 pm
Oh cable ties can be purchased any where. Home Dept, Lowes, and lots of places.

11-08-04, 05:02 pm
thanks, I'll take a look at those links as soon as i'm done here!

thanks for everybodys help!!!

11-09-04, 11:48 am
ok! Have a great time making doors lol. Glad I could help! Welcome to the forums!

11-09-04, 05:35 pm
Great, hope they help!!!

11-10-04, 02:47 pm
Yeah, I will have to try those ASAP!!! I had him in the cage and I closed the door with a heavy wooden block and I tried the door to the cage with strong rope like material. I kissed him goodnight and he seemed tierd enough that he would not make much of a mess. When I woke up in the morning I went down to the room where his cage is and found that he had chewed through the rope, moved the block, opened the door, and was running loose! I was so releived that I had remembered to close the door the night before! I have two dogs that don't really get along with him if you know what i'm saying! Yikes! Well, thanks for all that advice! I will use it as soon a I can!!

thanks again!

11-10-04, 07:12 pm
hehehehe naughty bunny! I guess he had a fun night running around. Yep good thing you closed the door!