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09-10-07, 07:48 pm
I have never heard of C & C cages but they seem to be the big hit...Where is the best/cheapest place to buy the grids/coroplast for the cage? And although like 7 sq. feet is the minimal for one guinea pig, does anyone have a recommendation that would be bigger than that?

09-10-07, 07:57 pm
I am new here as well and just built a C&C cage this weekend. The grids were $12.95 at Bed Bath and Beyond with one of those 20% coupons.

I called every sign store in the yellow pages and got a 4x8 sheet of coroplast for $20.00. He even delivered it.

I am so thrilled with the cage. I feel like our piggie has a good home, is safe, happy and has lots of room to groove. It was amazingly simple to build and literally took an hour.

Good Luck!

09-10-07, 08:40 pm
How many grids did you get for $13, and how many grids do you recommend for one guinea pig?

Thank you for your help!

09-10-07, 08:44 pm
How many grids did you get for $13, and how many grids do you recommend for one guinea pig?

Thank you for your help!

I got mine at bigs, 20 grids for 16 bucks. <3

09-10-07, 09:12 pm
It's 7.5 min for one pig which would be 2 by 3 C&C grids. But you can make one as big as you want. Ideally, you'd build a 2 by 4 or 2 by 5 and adopt your single pig a friend.

09-11-07, 02:44 am
This link is helpful for searching for materials http://www.guineapigcages.com/where.htm
I called a few that were near me and went with the cheapest. I also called a few sign making shops as well. You can look them up in Yellow Pages if you're in the UK. Not sure of your location Bellajames but if you are in the UK they call it correx here. They didn't know what I was talking about at first when I asked for coroplast.

For cage design inspiration the Photo Gallery (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/index.php) is a great place to look.

09-11-07, 05:14 am
If people don't know what you're talking about when you ask for coroplast, tell them it's corrugated plastic - like what they make signs out of (like election signs).

Here in Canada I found the coroplast at Home Depot. The grids I usually pick up at Zellers - but this last time I got them on sale at Canadian Tire. I can usually get 13 grids on sale for $10, but the regular price is more like $20. The coroplast is about $20 here.

Good luck finding the supplies! It is well worth the effort to build a C&C cage!! Always go as big as you have room for, and please consider what rabbitsncavyluv suggested - to adopt (NOT buy) your piggie a same sex buddy to live with.

09-11-07, 05:40 am
I got mine at Target, 23 grids (I think that's how many are in a box) for $14.99. They come in white, black, or blue.

I highly recommend this cage. It's easy, cheap, simple, spacious, and my boys LOVE it!

09-11-07, 08:34 am
They came with 16 grids. Note though that the BB&B grids are actually 14.5 inches across. If you use the great directions on this site, they are for 14 inch grids, so you'll have to adjust accordingly. The little square holes measure 1.5 inches, which I have heard can be too big for babies, so plan accordingly. The minimum for one piggie is 2x3 grids, but better to go 2x4 in case you later chose to get another guinea pig like we are.

Good luck. We had lots of fun making ours and our guy seems much happier.

09-11-07, 01:05 pm
Thank you all for your help!!

09-11-07, 04:17 pm
I built my 15sq ft 2x6 grid cage for exactly $50 heres a pic of it...I'm so pround of it :) http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/8581/cat/500/ppuser/6820
I got 23 grids from Target for $15 + tax and the coroplast from Signsnow for $30(1 1/2 sheets)

09-11-07, 06:29 pm
fyi, grids are on sale for $12/box at Target! :D

09-11-07, 06:35 pm
Oh my Gosh they are!!! YAY!! I can finally afford to get more!!! You've just made my day Jill :D

09-11-07, 06:50 pm
^^^ haha thanks guys