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09-09-07, 04:43 am
Hello everyone!
This is a letter and a moment I waited for a long time.I finally got a friend for my piggy, and I can't even say how happy I am!!!I named him Fruity, it just came into my mind when I was eating Tutty Fruitty candy. Since my 1 year old is Tutty, I decided that Fruitty would go perfectly for my second piggy.Fruitty is a long haired,whirled boar, a very shy boar, I might say...And here's the question:I keep my two piggies in seperate cages so far, and I wanted to know if I had to keep them in seperate rooms, too. I wanted to keep them apart for a 2 weeks or so, but now I was wondering if different cages would be enough. The cages are in different corners of the room.Please help.Thanks

09-09-07, 05:15 am
You're supposed to put them in separate rooms. I'm so glad you found him a friend, yay! Pigtures, please!

09-09-07, 12:17 pm
Quarantine consists of separate cages in separate rooms for at least 3 weeks as it takes some illnesses that long to incubate. Wash your hands thoroughly between handling pigs and handle the new pig last.

09-09-07, 12:22 pm
Thank you. I though I have to put them in different rooms, too... I thought there is a site about quarantine, bu I can't find it anywhere... Where do I find it??