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09-08-07, 01:47 am
Does anyone have any hints, tips or suggestions on a safe, sturdy, inexpensive way to get my cage up off the ground? The space you see in the first pic is the space I have to work with.

I've looked into coffee tables, however each table I've found has 1 of 3 problems: a)WAY too expensive and nice to be used this way; b)too long; or c)too short to properly support the cage. Recently, I've been seeing many people have theirs up on cubes. My only concern with this is stability. Not only is the base of my C&C pine boards, but there's nothing underneath it in the way of support. It's just setting on the carpet with the grids surrounding it.

The base itself weighs about 10-20 pounds. Would cubes be both strong and stable enough to support that weight?

If so, should I make a base of grids connecting the perimeter for a bottom to the cage or leave it as is?




It's been modified a bit since these pictures, but still the same shape and size. And don't worry, the wires and such are NOT within the reach of my piggies.

09-08-07, 02:24 am
Is the base thick enough to screw on some table legs? Ikea sell table legs on there own. I'm pretty sure cubes would be strong enough to support it though so long as you use connecters as well as cable ties.

cutie puff
09-08-07, 05:21 am
IKEA sounds like a good idea to me, like their LACK (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10065958) coffee table.
It even has a shelf underneath to store more piggy stuff, and the dimensions would be big enough for your cage.
I think that using the wire cubes under your cage would be good too, people have cages with multiple levels sitting on top and it looks fine to me.

09-09-07, 02:36 am
Figured out a way to do this! Thanks, cutie puff, for the IKEA suggestion. I went there yesterday and picked up 2 LACK side tables IKEA | Coffee & side tables | Side tables | LACK (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60104269) . They fit perfectly underneath the cage, and what's even better is I can store all the pig stuff underneath! Yay!

cutie puff
09-09-07, 04:26 am
Haha you're welcome!
That's crazy because I was at first going to suggest 2 of the side tables too, but dimensions were only 21" or so inches and I thought your cage seemed better than that.
Congrats on getting an affordable solution to your cage problem!

09-10-07, 10:51 am
Hi ! When I had the first cage we built (which we've since changed up) we wanted it off the floor as well - all we did was use the cubes as a base - it was very very sturdy, and A) got it off the floor and B) gave sectioned space storage (and I already had extra cubes, so it worked perfectly!)

Here's a picture