View Full Version : cage resizing addictive?

09-06-07, 12:52 pm
I haven't even found a buddy for Gus yet and I'm already dreaming of expanding his 2x4 into a 3x4 and adding a loft. He really needs a friend first because once I do that the cats won't be able to sit on the edge of the table and talk to him.

09-06-07, 12:58 pm
Yes. Yes it is!

09-06-07, 01:34 pm
You'll never be satisfied. I just redid my cage because we decided to move it and it wouldn't fit in the new space as is. I have step by step pictures I plan to post, I just haven't had the time.

09-10-07, 10:54 am
It is addictive !! I think my significant other has officially left that job all up to me (I'm now tossing around ideas for a third remodel) :crazy:

09-10-07, 05:51 pm
Oh, boy. My poor fiance! I put him to work with the cage remodeling...but the pigs love it, so that makes it worth it.

09-10-07, 06:50 pm
It is very addictive. I started with a store-bought cage from the Pet Supplies Plus store near me and got my first piggy this February then found this site and did some research. I bought 3 boxes of the panel grids with connectors from Target and started putting it together. I'd leave it alone for a few weeks then fiddle around with it. The next thing I know I'm redesigning it. Now it's a very large and long 2x6 grid open multi-level with a dining area on one end and a living room at the other end where their cuddle cup is. Oh how they love it. They race back and forth on the loft, they popcorn and recline frequently. My pictures can be found under cavy galleries. But yes....very addictive but fun.

09-10-07, 08:42 pm
I am never happy with my cage, and I am ANAL about cleaning it. I'll start with a little spot-cleaning and end up re-doing everything. I am always thinking of ways to make it better.