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09-04-07, 09:24 am
I was wondering if anyone has their guinea pigs in hutches in their shed. I am still looking into how I will house mine before I get them. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of their shed/hutches and any ideas how to build my own, or advice etc.
Thank you in advance.

09-04-07, 09:34 am
You have been around long enough to know that we do not condone outdoor housing here. I need to ask if you even bothered to read the title of this forum and the homepage?

This link may help you http://www.guineapigcages.com/location.htm

09-04-07, 09:40 am
Well thats quite rude! I was only asking an innocent question, and as there is a section of 'alternative cages' I thought I'd ask!

Being inside a shed, is not outside!!

09-04-07, 10:22 am
I would just like to say that the offending post should be removed, and I am offended.
As I was talking in regards to sheds...these can be heated and housed properly in a good manner.

Not everyone can house pets in the house. I can house them in the house, but that is not the point. I was simply asking for advice and yet you chose to not be supporting but yet patronising. This is certainly unfair.

Only because you are classed as a Moderator, does not mean you have the right to put members down!!

09-04-07, 10:55 am
Hutches shouldn't be used, outside or inside. They are too small, and the wood can deterierate quickly. If you can house them inside, thats what you should do..

Sheds might be heated/cooled but the pigs wouldnt get as much interaction as if they were in the house with you.

09-04-07, 11:18 am
Only because you are classed as a Moderator, does not mean you have the right to put members down!!

I fail to see an insult in any of the responses you've received. I'm not sure what you're getting so worked up about.

We don't condone outdoor housing here. Period. Yes, you may keep your guinea pigs in a shed, and therefore technically not "outdoors", but unless you live in that shed as well, then they are outdoors of your house. Guinea pigs belong inside with you, in the same temperature controlled environment that you live in. They need the comfort of being near familly and away from predators, and they need the supervison. None of this can adequately be given with the pigs living in a shed.

Read the link VoodooJoint gave you.

09-04-07, 11:50 am
I am not worked up about anything. I think its unfair the way some people are spoken to on this forum. The way it is mannered. Many people have said it and many people have been upset about it. I am just saying I do not like it.

In regards to the outdoors and sheds, I now understand what you mean by not being there 24/7.
I understand that this forum is about C&C....but I never knew I'd be burnt if I was just asking advice on a certain matter. All it was, was a simple question. I did not need to be spoken to in this manner!

''You have been around long enough to know that we do not condone outdoor housing here. I need to ask if you even bothered to read the title of this forum and the homepage''

1. Only because I signed up a few months ago I do not sit at my computer 24/7 reading all the text on this website. I have a job etc I do not have time to sit on the computer and read all day.

2. And being rude int he second sentence is what I felt offensive.

I must say I really am not worked up over a post. Just don't like to be made out to look like a :censored: on the forum. More to the least I don't know why I bother to reply to it all, but mainly to voice other peoples opinions as well.

09-04-07, 12:03 pm
I'm sorry to have to say this but this is a typical example of the overly militant attitude of some of the people on the guinea pig cages forum.

"You have been around long enough to know that we do not condone outdoor housing here. I need to ask if you even bothered to read the title of this forum and the homepage?"

There is no direct insult but this is an extremely condescending tone, but in no way do you make suggestions or help, and in no way is it friendly. You have potentially scared off someone who you can help. Being condescending and unfriendly is not going to make someone happy to listen to you.

Katie84: Sheds can be ok but only in certain circumstances. The shed will need to be secure, insulated, and have power and temperature reactive heaters. You will need to make a real effort every day to make sure you spend time with the pigs.

Hutches should not be used as they simply don't have enough space, but you can easily build a large C&C in a shed.

However it is recommended that you have the cage inside. First of all it is easier and cheaper than insulating and heating a shed, and it is easier the spend time with and monitor the pigs. They will be so much more rewarding than if they are out of the main house. I am currently admiring our sleeping girls as I type this in the office!

I hope this helps. Please tell us how you get on and I'm sure some of us will be happy to help and make suggestions.

09-04-07, 01:08 pm
I was not rude and I am not overly militant. I was matter-of-fact and doing my job on this site that promotes better, bigger indoor housing.

Some facts;
-The name of the site is "Cavy Cages/Guinea Pig Cages"
-The purpose of the site is to teach people how to build bigger, better indoor housing.
-The homepage of the site explains quite clearly the hows, whys and wheres of proper guinea pig housing.

You do not need to sit at a computer 24/7 to read what the title/objective of a forum you join is nor to read the HOMEPAGE of said site you willingly joined.

One would expect that you have an interest in properly housing cavies if you join a site that is geared towards that purpose.

The "alternative cages" section (if you had bothered to look at it) is about building cages using materials other then cubes and coroplast. NOT about how to avoid keeping them indoors.

There are major problems with housing outside. Here are a few

Dangers of Outdoor Housing
UK GP housed outside dies of heatstroke (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cavycages.com%2Fforum%2 Fshowthread.php%3Fp%3D226480%26posted%3D1%23post22 6480%3C%2Fp)
GPs stolen from outdoor cage (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-guinea-pigs/10797-i-have-sad-news.html)
2 GPs in outdoor cage killed by dog (on Animal Precinct) (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cavycages.com%2Fforum%2 Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D4584)
HAWK, drops guinea pig in someone's yard (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cavycages.com%2Fforum%2 Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D3755)
Violent thugs batter family pets to death (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/outdoor-environments/17268-uk-pet-violence-another-reason-keep-them-indoors.html)
Thread about people breaking into outdoor hutches and sheds (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=26529)
2 guinea pigs stolen from outdoor shed (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=26659)
Guinea pig attacked by rats in shed (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=26661)
Magpies attacking GPs in their outdoor hutches (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=26307)
4 GPs dead. Cause is a suspected mouse infestation in shed and garden (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=25906)
Ant infested yard and hutches (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=25999)
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Guinea pigs stolen from "Cavy Sanctuary" (http://www.pimms-pages.co.uk/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=25120)
GPs stolen from outdoor garden (http://www.midsussextoday.co.uk/mid-sussex-news?articleid=2857705)
More Guinea pigs die of heatstroke (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/introductions/27081-whats-up.html)

Edit to add - You state you don't have GPs yet. If you don't plan to house them indoors, as part of the family, and plan on housing them outdoors, like livestock, then I suggest you simply do not get guinea pigs at this time. If you were suffering from severe allergies or had some other, valid reason for not being able to keep GPs you already owned in the home then I may be able to understand the inescapable decision of housing them outdoors. I cannot and will not support you, or anyone else, that makes such a poor and selfish decision to house them inadequately, before animals are even in the picture. If you are not capable of properly taking care of a certain pet then perhaps you should choose something else that will be more suitable.

09-04-07, 01:52 pm
Its a shame really, because yet again, you still talk really unkind.
I've not done anything wrong, nor have I offended anyone. It started off as a innocent question, and then I am being judged for something I haven't done and yet was only gathering research. Of course at the end of my research I'd weigh up the pro's and the cons. Yet again, I still get burnt for even trying to get information.

And if you think your doing a great job, of doing what you do, then your certainly not doing it very well talking to people the way you do, because one, I am never coming back on this website.
I've seen so many people on here get so upset by the way the 'moderators' have spoken to them (and this is not personal to you or anyone, but I also feel sometimes like saying hold on here, they are new to this and just need help and then its like your all slapping them in the face. I am now in that situation.

I do appreciate all of the help I have had, and all the friends I have made on here and the support I have had from members. But it is now my time to leave.

You really shoudl have respect for those who are new to cavies and new to the forum to get a grip on things, we can't all 'know it all' in 5 minutes. I'm only human, who has feelings and who cares for animals, and shouldn't be judged, only becuse I have asked a question???

09-04-07, 02:00 pm
No one expects people to know everything immediately. But people haven't taken the time and effort to post their collective experiences for the hell of it - it's posted with the expectation that people will actually READ the information before posting.

Yet again, I still get burnt for even trying to get information.

Again, I'm just not seeing the "burning." But whatever - you have your information now. Sheds are not a good choice for the housing of guinea pigs.

09-04-07, 02:04 pm
Again, I'm just not seeing the "burning."

Pathetic...really it is!

09-04-07, 02:07 pm
Aww, and I thought you were leaving.

It's just so tantalizing to keep arguing over the internet, isn't it?

We'll have to close this thread if it continues in this vein. Whatever it is you're trying to accomplish here, at this point, I doubt it's about guinea pigs.

09-04-07, 02:29 pm

From what you said it sounds like you can keep your pets indoors. If that is the case then please do so, indoors is infinitely better than out, even with a shed. You can make your piggies a great, safe, spacious c+c cage indoors really easily and cheaply.

If you did want to use a shed it would be really expensive to make it suitable. You'd need to have it fully insulated, damp-proofed, then get heating and air con, add smoke alarms etc. It would cost a fortune and even then it would not be as safe as housing piggies indoors.

I wouldn't recommend hutches even if you could find one that was big enough. The wood soaks up urine and is impossible to keep clean. You can't disinfect it and it starts to smell. I've used hutches in the past, both indoors and outside, and I never will again.

09-04-07, 03:20 pm
Katie, (and anyone else reading this or that has a problem with the way they are responded to at times) I will tell you that if you don't like the way your post is being responded to by the mods or any of the members, then feel free to find another forum. We aren't forcing anyone to stay here.

09-04-07, 05:20 pm
Again the majority of posts have a condescending and aggressive tone apart from crazywiggy who has posted in a more friendly way.

As we are trying to promote a better way of doing things we need to educate. To do that we need to become teachers. When you were at school which teachers did you learn best from and want to listen to?

The ones who talked down to you, shouted at you, who told you were wrong all the time?

Or the ones who discussed things in a friendly manner, treated you on equal terms and who took the time to explain things properly?

I know what the majority answer would be! We aren't going to get anywhere jumping down people's throats. If someone comes here with good intentions and is willing to listen they shouldnt be scared off by some of the posts like in this thread otherwise we have just failed a potential guinea pig.

Also it is obvious that a number of people don't seem to have the patience or the time to deal with newcomers. Maybe some of these threads should be left if you havent the time. This is a large forum with lots of users who and some is sure to pick up the thread and assist.

09-04-07, 06:22 pm
Enough already.

If you want to discuss the reasons the mods and members are sometimes short with people then please start a thread in the feedback forum.

This thread is for discussing outdoor housing, and since this forum stands against such housing it is therefore about why not to house outdoors.

Any more off topic posts will be unapproved and the thread will be possibly closed.