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09-02-07, 08:14 am
I seen her on Petfinder for Lollypop Farms in Rochester, NY and I instantly fell in love with her. I fought the urge for 2 days but could not get her out of my mind. On Friday I drove out there to meet her. She instantly took to me and did nothing but give me kisses. She is a total love bug and there was no way I was going to leave there without her. When we got home, I laid on the couch with her and she curled up under my chin and took a power nap. Just before she fell asleep, she gave me a kiss on the chin. The shelter said she was about a year old. I think she is about 5 months old. I weighed her and she is 10.8 onces. Her name at the shelter is Tyra and that is what I have been calling her but it doesn't fit her. She needs to have a name that fits her gentle loving and calm personality, any suggesions? Here are some pictures I took of her yesterday with my husband.
http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/51/151/5/92/71/2356592710073774635FAmroz_th.jpg (http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2356592710073774635FAmroz)http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/60/60/7/77/10/2621777100073774635fwXNvM_th.jpg (http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2621777100073774635fwXNvM)http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/50/50/4/10/79/2829410790073774635wIidkB_th.jpg (http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2829410790073774635wIidkB)http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/22/22/2/44/54/2411244540073774635DEQAos_th.jpg (http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2411244540073774635DEQAos)
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09-02-07, 03:59 pm
hehe. Destiny. I love that name. She is VERY cute, and deffinitally not a year old, either! Is she a black berk?

09-02-07, 03:59 pm
She's adorable!!! I've had 9 ratties in all. Now I'm on my guinea pig phase, but I loved my ratties to death!

She looks like an Emily to me. :-)

09-03-07, 04:54 am
Wow, lucky you to find such a sweetie! My girls still bite me and have no patience for cuddling. :sad: I immediately thought of the name Serenity for a sweetheart like that. Congratulations!

09-06-07, 05:27 am
hehe. Destiny. I love that name. She is VERY cute, and deffinitally not a year old, either! Is she a black berk?

I have no idea what she is. She has a very small patch of white on her chest between her front legs. Lollypop had her listed as a brown rat, she looks black to me. Her coat is silky soft and very shiny. My oldest son says he is going to take her when he leaves for college......I don't think so!!! I have been calling her "sweetie" because that suits her perfectly. She is truely a sweetheart. My friend Michelle, who can't stand rats, loves sweetie to death. Michelle told me that if she ever shows up missing, she had nothing to do with it:rolleyes:.