View Full Version : RIP Lucky.

09-01-07, 11:38 pm
My baby girl passed away last night. She was my first rat, and she lived to be 4+ years old. I miss her terribly and im having a really hard time dealing with this :(

I miss you Lucky. <3

09-02-07, 06:11 am
:weepy: sorry to hear.

the piggies send warm pink and black piggy lips to you and your family and other pets :hug: always here if you need to talk *sigh*.

09-02-07, 07:40 am
I am so sorry for your loss, she lived a good long life with you.

09-02-07, 03:56 pm
Thanks. She was a great girl, and just couldnt do it anymore, she was really old. She tryed to stay around here for me as long as she could though. I know that for sure. I will miss her terribly :(