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09-01-07, 08:34 pm
Well my check was deposited into my bank account last night, and I was finally able to get my boys a bigger cage. I have 2 boars, and I ordered them a C&C cage on Ebay this morning!! I got a 2x5, even though my entire bedroom is only about 9x10. I don't care, I will make a way!! :optimist: I also went a little crazy, and bought them some fresh hay and timothy pellets from Kleenmama's, and ordered them some new toys and cuddle cups for their new cage from FerretDepot. I decided who cares if I have to live off of 88 cent frozen dinners and toast for a week or two, if I can make my boys happy! (Now is that pathetic or what? :eek: I guess this means I am becoming a true cavy slave, LOL.) None of the stuff will get shipped until next Tuesday, (Monday's Labor Day,) so I won't get the stuff probably until the end of next week. I am so antsy, I can't wait!! I have bought fleece fabric in 2 different designs, and some beach towels that were half-off at CVS, to put underneath the fleece. I will probably be making a kitchen area in their cage, so they have some space to get messy with all the fresh hay they will have, without it getting all over the fleece.

Just wanted to share my excitement!!!!!!! My boys are going to be so happy!! :D

09-05-07, 12:38 pm
Awesome, I bet theyll be so happy!

09-06-07, 10:38 pm
Thats wonderful! I wish more people had your attitude, I am sure your piggers will thank you for it!

09-07-07, 12:38 am
That is great news, your piggers are going to be so happy and very spoilt! Is it coming pre-made or are the materials provided and you have to put it together? Remember the most important thing of all, PICTURES!lol

09-07-07, 11:01 pm
The KM order, and the cage, are both scheduled to be delivered Monday. Aahhhh, I'm so antsy I am having trouble waiting, ha ha!

The goodies I ordered for their new cage arrived today, and I love all of them. Can't wait to see their reaction to all the new stuff. Here's a picture of the goodies I got today.

P.S.- pigsforlife, oh don't worry, I will be taking plenty of pictures of the cage, trust me. ;) And I'm sure I will be changing it around a bunch until it feels just right, LOL. :silly:

Edited to say: Oh, and the coroplast is coming pre-cut, so I just have to have tape for it, and put the grids together. I don't trust myself with sharp objects, so I left the cutting up to someone else!

09-08-07, 06:14 am
You went crazy with accessories! I love them, and I am sure your boys will too. It is a pity alot of the toys you have purchased can not be found in W.A, I made my own cuddle cups as they are almost non-existent here and for a tunnel they have a 4 inch PVC pipelol ! I love the fish, very nice.

Are you planning on putting the cage together on Monday? Does that mean that we can see pictures by Monday night, or is that being a bit to ambitious?

09-09-07, 11:52 am
Yay, piggers! I've wanted that fish for the longest time. I told my fiance that's what I want for Christmas. I'm happy you're getting all these great goodies! I'm glad you got a 2x5, too. I hope you ordered it from Sue (she's the one who sells them through this website), because she's SO helpful and the cages are cheap considering what it costs her. We got our first two cages from her, but now that we're customizing it we have to actually do it ourselves, oh no! lol

Anyhow, I'm thrilled that you're spoiling your piggies. Buying stuff for them is like Christmas for me. I can't wait to see some pigtures of all the fun stuff (and your boys, of course). And hey, 88 cent frozen dinners are underrated.

09-10-07, 11:20 pm
Well I got the cage put together, and the boys have moved in!! They are so happy!!

There are photos up in the gallery if you want to see! And please rate and let me know what you think!!

10-26-07, 10:59 am
I'm dying to buy one of eBay but I don't have the money right now. I just have my 1 little girl, but I want her to have lots and lots of room. She likes running around her cage, but doesn't like running outside of her cage, so she needs an upgrade. Right now she just has the puny starter cage.

DOES ANYONE HAVE a c & c ONE FOR SALE that might be cheaper than eBay????

10-26-07, 11:06 am
Daphne I really recommend making your own. You can make them so cheaply! The grids are $12.99 a box! If you have a target, kmart, or linens n things you can get the grids there. As far as the coroplast for the bottom call around to sign stores. Right now there are political signs everywhere and wign stores might even have some large scraps they can sell you. Also have you considered getting a friend for your girl??

10-26-07, 11:11 am
It's sad because my little sister bought a guinea pig female and she had to give her away because she was allergic....I wish I could have gotten her for free, but I didn't have a big enough cage and my mother really wanted her out. SUCKS!!

I looked in Wal-Mart, K-mart and Lowes for the square grids but all they have is huge ones or shelves or some other weird shape, not just plain squares.

10-26-07, 11:16 am
Ok I just found KC store fixtures....I can get 15 grides and 100 cable ties for a total of $16.10!!

Is this good???

10-26-07, 11:30 am

my poor girl in her tiny home :(

10-26-07, 09:30 pm
Try Target; they have 23 grids for $15. If you cannot find them there than- yes get the ones at k-mart.

10-27-07, 09:02 am
We don't have a Target, and it's not K-mart is "KC Store Fixtures" and it's an online store. Here's the link:

KC-Store-Fixtures (http://www.kc-store-fixtures.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT)

10-27-07, 09:09 pm
Ok I just found KC store fixtures....I can get 15 grides and 100 cable ties for a total of $16.10!!

If thats all you can find then order them! Get your poor little piggy out of that store bought cage! I recently got a new little pig from a family I found on craigslist. The family had housed her alone in a cage just like the one you have. This week when I introduced the new little girl to my other 2 and put her in the 2x5 with 1x5 loft c&c cage she went nuts! Her personality has totally changed and I can tell how happy she is now. She runs up and down the ramps to the top floor and does laps on the bottom level. If you can get your pig into a bigger cage she will be much happier. Even if you think she's happy now it's nothing like the happiness that she will get when she has room to roam!

10-28-07, 08:19 am
I can't wait!