View Full Version : gill and guss have a question

09-01-07, 04:48 pm
is it ok for you to put a piggie in a rollieball? i need openions!!!!!!!!!!!!:eye-poppi

09-01-07, 04:53 pm
Nooo I told you its bad for them.

09-01-07, 04:58 pm
Rolling balls are not good for guinea pigs, and most won't even run in them. Guinea pigs don't have a very flexible spine, so they can easily brake their spine by running in them. There is also a chance of their toes getting caught in the slits. Please don't. Those balls are only made that size so that the manufacturers can get more money.

09-02-07, 08:50 am
They are very bad for them!!! So are exercise wheels.

09-02-07, 02:06 pm
Yes I agree they are bad. They hurt their backs and they are helpful at all. Having them some floortime they like lots better. They like running around and being in new enviroments. They would like that much more. And it's a lot safer.

09-03-07, 01:10 pm
thanks for your replies!! my pigs, gill & guss, will be safe!!!!!!!!!!

09-03-07, 01:10 pm
Thats ok. :) Glad to help.

09-03-07, 03:37 pm
Maddie, I would recommend you go to the main page of this site and explore EVERY link. www.guineapigcages.com is a great resources, and a lot of your questions will be answered there.