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08-29-07, 07:20 am
My guinea pig needs to chew on something, but I don't know what I can let him chew on :confused: I can't seem to find anything on here that would help me out, but I don't think I'm looking in the right place. I've done a search but I can't find anything. Any help would be great :cheerful:

08-29-07, 07:26 am
I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but regardless, you can use wood chew sticks or even blocks of wood (but make sure it is not a toxic wood, like cedar or pine).

Hay is the BEST thing for piggies to chew on-make sure he has an ample supply of that.

Just out of curiosity, why do you say they need something to chew on? Is he exhibiting any odd behavior? If so, that could be indicative of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed by a vet. :)

08-29-07, 07:35 am
No he's not acting weird, lol. He chews on his water bottle every five minutes and I was told that he probably needs something to chew on. I have lots of hay in there for him, but I thought he needed something else :) If I posted this in the wrong place, I'm sorry, maybe it can be moved? Thanks for your help jilovecavies :)

08-29-07, 07:43 am
Hahaha, ok! Well, maybe he just enjoys playing with his water bottle...lots of piggies have quirks like that. But anyway, you can try putting some wood chews in his cage and see if he uses them. My piggies just stare at them and walk away. lol Try it out! If this does need to be moved, it will be-I don't think *we* can do this, I think a moderator has to do that.

Keep me posted...I'd like to know if your piggy likes chew toys. :)

08-29-07, 07:45 am
Cardboard tubes are also great for chewing on and you can use them to hold some extra hay they can throw about on the ground. And if you have any cardboard boxes around, cut a couple of doors in and they make awesome houses - my girls can't get enough of those :cheerful:

08-29-07, 07:48 am
Thanks to the both of you :) I will keep you posted jilovecavies :)

08-29-07, 08:09 am
Thanks thalestral, I knew I was forgetting something! Silly me. :)

My piggies LOVE boxes and cardboard tube rolls, especially when they're stuffed with hay. Paper bags (lunch sized) with the bottom cut out and then filled with hay is a great choice, also.

08-29-07, 10:05 am
My piggies love apple twigs pruned straight from the tree (make sure the tree hasn't been sprayed with anything). They chew on those a lot and they chew on cardboard tunnels a bit, but they completely ignore their willow chew toys.

08-29-07, 10:49 am
Some of my piggies will chew on prepared apple tree sticks. The wood should be scrubbed and baked to insure that there is no bacteria, insects and fungus on the sticks.

08-29-07, 11:07 am
My girls also like apple tree sticks.. there was a pet supply store here that had them.. luckily we got a bunch before they stopped carrying them.

Hay is the number one thing that pigs should have to chew on.. my girls enjoy that hard ends.. weird.. because most pigs dont like them.

Carboard boxes are another good thing.. You can make tunnels out of them, and they can sleep in them and chew them.

A suggestion.. How about making a 'cover' for the water bottle out of cardboard? That way, he can still chew on it but cant ruin the actual bottle.

08-29-07, 11:36 am
My piggers have a wooded hut "Timber Tent" that they love and chew on all of the time. What's cool about it is it is a hidey, chew toy and one loves to sit on top also. Good luck.

08-29-07, 02:20 pm
Again thanks for all the help. I should try to make a cover for the water bottle, that's a good idea, wickedrodent!

08-29-07, 02:30 pm
Let us know how it works out. :D

08-31-07, 05:18 am
Some of my piggies will chew on prepared apple tree sticks. The wood should be scrubbed and baked to insure that there is no bacteria, insects and fungus on the sticks.

Apple twigs can be used straight from the tree, you don't have to bake them:

09-02-07, 04:10 pm
I went and got him some chew blocks and also a cardboard tube. He really likes them.