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08-26-07, 03:30 pm
:sad: I was searching through the index page of this site and looking at the floor time and the pros and cons of different rooms and noticed linolieum isnt suitable for piggies well my pigs are going to be free-ranged and I was going to have lino on my floor so its easy to clean but now im worried about there feet theyre cage will be open all the time they are free-ranging so they have the chance ro rest on the fleece wil it be a problem or should I just watch out for anything un-normal with my pigs feet?

Why do such little creatures get us so worried?:melodrama

08-27-07, 02:58 pm
Linoleum is bad for them because its slippery and they have a hard time walking on it. Maybe you could buy a rug or something like that.

08-28-07, 02:11 am
Linoleum is bad for them because its slippery and they have a hard time walking on it. Maybe you could buy a rug or something like that.

I'll have to see about that if I could make the floor so it isnt slippery would it be ok then?

08-28-07, 02:38 am
If you put some sort of covering over the lino it should be fine. As an alternative to rugs what about fleece or towels? You could sew the fleece/towels together, to make 1 big sheet, then around the edges bricks could be placed to make sure that everything stays still. It may be a cheaper option in which you may want to look into.

08-28-07, 04:46 am
Thanks! I may either just not use lino at all or just a big sheet covering the whole thing and just having bicks in the corners or a few stones/cooling blocks.

08-28-07, 05:50 pm
I recommend rubber-backed flannel. It is absorbent on one side, but waterproof as well. The rubber prevents it from getting bunched up or sliding around on the floor. Also, you don't have to sew anything and you can throw the whole thing in the wash at once. I just started using this stuff for floor time and it is FANTASTIC!!! Here are a few examples from Amazon:

Amazon.com: CareFor Underpad 1-Side Flannel Face with Waterproof Rubber Sheeting, Size: Full (36 Inches X 54 Inches) - 1 ea: Health & Personal Care

Amazon.com: Cotton Flannel Soaker Pads 36" x 36", 2-ply - Case (MSC014294): Health & Personal Care

Amazon.com: Invacare Single Side Flannel Sheeting: Health & Personal Care

08-29-07, 07:00 am
Thanks! ill have to check it out!

08-29-07, 07:09 am
I also use picnic blankets... they work the same as the flannel mentioned, one side is fleecy, and one is waterproof.

08-29-07, 07:43 am
Where abouts does it say that linoleum is not recommended? I'm just wondering as it's listed as the first alternative to be used on a couple of pages on the main site.

08-29-07, 08:37 pm
I found the following quote from this page on the site: http://www.guineapigcages.com/cubes.htm

"Can't find Coroplast?

Linoleum will also work. However, you can't let the pigs chew on it and it's not as strong as Coroplast. The sides tend to put pressure on the longer cages. But that can be compensated for with a little ingenuity. See the Alternate Materials section at the bottom of the C&C Cages page."

My understanding is that linoleum was only advised as an alternative to coroplast to be used UNDER bedding of some sort. Just like coroplast is used for a cage tray, but no one would advise you to use coroplast by itself with no bedding. It doesn't provide good footing, and the urine and feces would sit on the top layer and cause quite a mess! Hence, linoleum is safe to use only if it is used underneath bedding such as Carefresh, mattress pads, fleece, rubber-backed flannel, etc, etc, etc. Althoughl, I think choosing a non-slip material or using bricks to hold down the fabric bedding is important since it could easily slide around on the slick linoleum surface.

08-30-07, 04:00 am
Thank-you everybody could I have linoleum then a soft carpet on top?

thanks again


08-30-07, 05:13 am
I don't think using traditional carpet is a good idea. It is heavy, the fabric can easily get chewed and threads pulled out, it is not designed to be absorbent, and doesn't hold up well in the wash. I think your best bet is a more commonly used, absorbent fabric like mattress pads, towels, or flannel. Personally, I think having a waterproof layer is very important in case there is a large amount of urine in one spot and it seeps through. That way you know the carpet/floor is protected from it. It is for this reason that I prefer the rubber-backed flannel for floor time- it has a built-in waterproof layer that protects the carpet, so you don't have to use a tarp or a shower curtain in addition to fabric. Also, you can wash the whole thing at once. I just find it easier.

08-30-07, 09:07 am
OK thanks again :).