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08-24-07, 03:57 pm
My son's dwarf rabbit is showing signs of snuffles. He has a nasel discharge. I have been giving him water soluable antibiotic for about 2 weeks. The symptoms have not gotten better, but have not worsened. He is eating and drinking like normal. Has anyone got any ideas. The vet is not very knowledgeable about rabbits.

08-24-07, 05:00 pm
Both of these sites have lists of rabbit savvy vets (lots of other info. too). Hopefully there is one located near you:

House Rabbits - Behavior, Care, Rescue, Adoption, Education | House Rabbit Society (http://www.rabbit.org)

Morfz.com (http://www.morfz.com) (click on rabbit ref.)

You can also check with:

Medirabbit (http://www.medirabbit.com/)

Good luck!

08-24-07, 08:49 pm
You'll indeed want to find a rabbit savvy vet to determine the cause and correct treatment for this.

Some things that can cause the nasal discharge are dental problems or bacterial infections. It's the bacterial infections you really want to nip quickly. You don't want to take the chance that the infections spreads throughout the body. Particularly if it's pasteurella. Be especially concerned if the discharge is white. You'll most definitely want to see a rabbit savvy vet.

Here's a good page on sneezing/discharge:
Runny Nose & Eyes and Sneezing in Rabbits (http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/sneezing.html)

and another one on the types of cultures that can be done if it looks like a bacterial infection:
Culture and Sensitivity Testing (http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/culture.html)

08-29-07, 03:49 pm
Yes, you'll definitely need to take the bun to a rabbit-savvy vet. The available water-soluble antibiotics are weak and have been overused so much that resistant strains of bacteria are very common. That means that the antibiotic simply won't work on them any more.

You could ask your vet who he talks to when he needs advice about rabbits, and go to that vet. Or call shelters and rabbit rescues in your area and see who they recommend.

09-02-07, 06:10 pm
Thanks for the info. I have been looking for a vet in the central Il area and I can't find one that specializes in much more than dogs and cats. My vet said she will try a new antibiotic on him. He is still eating and drinking normally.

09-03-07, 07:32 pm
Baytril is the most common Vet prescribed antibiotic for rabbits. Typically given orally which can cause dirarhea due to killing off of the good gut bacteria. generally recommend to also feed yogurt or probiotic to maintain proper balance of the digestive system.
I hope it works out for you.

09-03-07, 08:08 pm
I live in central Illinois.
Here's some vets for you to try. However, none of these are close to you. I'm sorry I don't know any by experience or recommendation down where you live.

Here's my regular vet - LeRoy vet clinic 309-962-4036. They're very reasonably priced, but it's a single vet clinic and VERY busy. You may have a wait to even get in.

Here's a place that specializes in exotics in Champaign. I've been to this clinic for more specialized rabbit work. All Creatures Animal Hospital (http://www.allcreaturesah.com/) They are a multi-doctor facility and have two vets experienced with rabbits.

The rest of these, I've not used but have heard about through reputation.
In Monticello, Animal Hospital of Monticello 217-762-2144
In Normal, Prairie Oak 309-454-8606

If you'd be willing to travel to Champaign, I'd recommend the clinic in Champaign due to the fact that they specialize in exotics. The other thing you could try is to call them up and ask them in there is any clinic down in your area that they could recommend.

09-03-07, 09:08 pm
Ooops, big typo in that LeRoy phone number. Its 962-7421.