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Pamela Barr
08-24-07, 10:51 am
These are my two new lionhead rabbits I drove 370 miles! to get!!! They were at a shelter that I found on Petfinder, I definitely need to stay away from that website! They are doing great and are real friendly and my angoras seem to like them. :)

08-24-07, 01:53 pm
Wow! They are adorable! I have never had rabbits but they seem like such lovely pets.
370 miles? Blimey. Bet they are worth it though :)

08-28-07, 08:10 pm
oh such cuties, I have a lion head too, i found him of craigslist. I'm glad you went to a rescue!!!

Pamela Barr
10-26-07, 12:22 pm
Another newbie! adopted from a girl in Lexington who was moving and couldn't take with her. His name is Ned and he's a siamese sable lionhead, I think! His poops seem kinda small for his size, so going to keep a watch on that. :)

10-27-07, 03:16 am
What a handsome chap Pamela! Lionheads are gorgeous. :D

10-27-07, 10:00 am
Cute buns Pam!

For the small poops. It sounds like he's getting a bit impacted, probably from a hairball. Cut off or severely limit his pellets for a while and offer loads of fresh hay. The long strand fiber will help flush out his digestive system. If after a day or two of that he still has small poops or if he stops pooping give him a CC or so of mineral oil orally. That will help lube the hairball so he can pass it. If that still doesn't work then a vet visit is in order as it can become a serious medical issue.

10-27-07, 03:53 pm
Oh my goodness there so cute. Very adorable they look so small and poofy. Very cute and wow what a ride to get them.

10-27-07, 04:10 pm
His name is Ned and he's a siamese sable lionhead, I think! :)

He's a Sable Point - Might be blue point but hard to tell from the pic- definetly not Siamese Sable though.
Good looking bunny :cheerful:

10-27-07, 07:37 pm
Oh my gosh how cute, and i am so happy that you adopted way to go.

Pamela Barr
10-29-07, 07:17 am
His poops are still small, he's eating some hay but not a lot, he won't eat lettuce, carrots, cucumber! It's so weird. I took him off pellets and am going to try Voodoo's recommendation of mineral oil. What I have found out from previous owner is that he came from a breeder who only fed pellets so he's not used to hay, fresh veggies. I also read on rabbit.org to try some cilantro to get him used to veggies. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He will eat some papaya tablets.

10-29-07, 07:27 am
You can also try apple or other fruit. Sometimes hand offering veggies or strips of hay will hat them to take it when their resistant to eating it themselves. Often they will bite it to get you to stop poking it in their face and after a while they realize that it tastes good and they will eat it. Just keep trying by slicing or shredding veggies and lettuce into strips that are easy to offer and easy for him to "suck" into his mouth. You can also try jump starting his appetite for hay and veggies by chopping them up very small and mixing it with a small amount of pellets. Good luck. I hope the little guy starts feeling better soon.

10-30-07, 04:06 am
You could try getting a small unch of cilantro/parsley and bashing it to get some of the flavors out and then put it by his nose !

Pamela Barr
11-01-07, 10:46 am
I found out he likes apples!:) Yeah! He's doing alot better.

01-12-08, 08:22 am
hi there, i'm new here.
i own a beautiful lionhead.
they're such great animals!

Pamela Barr
01-14-08, 03:26 pm
Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site! I saw your pictures, you bun is cute!

01-14-08, 09:39 pm
Thank you :)
I'm dealing with the same things you had in the beginning. She's been at a friend's house for almost a year, and I had pretty much gotten used to the idea that she had adopted her. but, now i have Frappie back, and it looks like she wasn't really fed any fresh food except apples. and no hay it seems :(
She used to love romaine lettuce, so I ran out and got her some, and green pepper, and banana, and carrots too. plus, i got timothy hay right away for her.

01-14-08, 09:41 pm
(I'm sorry. I'm so used to posting on another board, and in my emails. I hardly ever use capitals. I'm trying to remember to use them here. :) )