View Full Version : Cage Vacumming

08-24-07, 06:08 am
I use a dustbuster to clean poops daily and I find the fleece gets sucked up in the dustbuster any suggestions

08-24-07, 06:12 am
You can put bricks in each corner (or as many places as you need them), this will weigh the fleece down so that it won't be able to move.

08-24-07, 06:23 am
Any thing that would look nicer?

08-24-07, 08:26 am
Wrap the bricks in fleece. It could either be the same fleece you use or a contrasting fleece. This will, however, minimalize many of the other added advantages of putting bricks in the cage. My boys like to lay on the brick to cool off. At the moment, since it is so hot, this is where they spend most of their time. The second benefit of the bricks is when they walk on them, it helps keep the nails from needing to be trimmed as often and helps keep them from developing those needle-like points they can sometimes get.

08-24-07, 04:02 pm
I was wondering how to keep the fleece down!....I like the idea of covering the bricks!


08-24-07, 05:38 pm
I use bricks to hold the fleece down but also to catch the drips from the waterbottles. If there's a corner that doesn't have a brick in it, I just vacuum it and fix the fleece. I use a small hand held vacuum that's just theirs.

08-24-07, 05:58 pm
You can also bring the fleece up the sides of the coroplast and attach them with binder clips. They come in a rainbow of colors and are available at office supply stores. They are also hand for many other things.

08-24-07, 07:12 pm
Okay, I will explain what I did and I hope it makes sense. I have bricks in each corner of the cage. I also purchased fleece that is large than the area of the cage... rather it extends out from under the cage by about one inch. My CandC cage sits on top of some of the fleece which prevents it from being sucked up when I vacuum. I hope this make sense.