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08-19-07, 09:16 am
Hello! I have 2 piggies 1 for almost 2 years and the other for a little over a year. I was wondering if it was too late to start them on one of those little trays the poo in:confused: . If it isn't to late how exactly do I get them to go in the little tray? Thank you;)

08-19-07, 09:32 am
I'm going to try and train my boys, as well. I think what you're supposed to do is put some soiled bedding and poops in the litter pan in the main area/corner that the piggies use as a restroom area. You can't really "train" them, it's kinda up to them if they want to use it or not. Another example of how they control us. lol

08-19-07, 10:02 am
There are several ways to train them. Just look where they poop the most, and in that corner put the tray. Another way is I read somewhere here that you have to put 4 trays in four corners( if you have only 4 corners) and every week take away one, where they poop and pee the least. And just take away every week one, and you will be left with one tray.
And the last way I heard you have to look when your piggy is peeing or pooing, and put in the corner where is the tray.I don't know if the last way works, but, hey, it's worth a tray... They usually poop where they eat, so yeah...Hope that helps x)

08-19-07, 06:24 pm
:) Thank you. Also I was thinking about swithching their bedding into a blanket? What would be better for the pigs bedding or blankets?

08-19-07, 07:34 pm
It's really your preference. Explore http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/bedding/ for more info. You'll find a lot of people on here prefer fleece, with towels, mattress pads, and/or puppy pads underneath. The fleece wicks away urine and the stuff under the fleece absorbs it. It's what I use, and saves a lot of money. :)

08-19-07, 08:01 pm
I've found that my girls poo and pee mostly where they eat and drink, so maybe try putting trays in their kitchen and under their water bottles.

08-19-07, 11:54 pm
Yeah they like to double up the kitchen and the bathroom. If you use bedding, just pick up the soiled stuff and put into the potty. I did this with Henry a while ago, and it worked pretty well (all was lost when we got Sweatpea!).

If you use fleece, which I just switched to today, then there is really no point in potty training since the whole point of fleece is to wick away and get soaked up by a pad.

What I learned though when I was potty training him is that it works with pee, but they will still poop wherever they want!