View Full Version : Just wanted to share some rat pics :)

08-18-07, 02:35 pm
I hope no one minds. These are some of my resident rats ( I have 26 ) how ever I have LOTS more rats in my rescue as well.

This is Tori, I adopted her about 6 months ago. She is a sweetie!

This is Lucky. She is just about 4 years old!

Trotter and Lightning.

Buddy! He is my American Blue Dumbo male!

Buddy with Cappa, a black berk.

piggly wiggly
08-18-07, 03:04 pm
So cute, I never knew rats came in blue, they must be so pretty.I love Blue dogs they are beautiful, so a rat, must be so cute.

Wheek Weak
08-18-07, 04:21 pm
Thank you, so much, newpiggiemama, for sharing the pictures of some of your cuties!

They're just adorable. Your pictures brought back so many memories, for my husband and I, of our ratties that we had about 5 years ago. We still miss them to this day.

Your babies are so sweet looking that we couldn't pick which one was the cutest (they ALL are, of course)!

08-18-07, 04:41 pm
LOL! Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it and so do the ratties!

08-18-07, 09:54 pm
They are very adorable. How many cages in total do you have for your resident rats?

I have no clue what breeds my rattie babies are. Not that I really care anyways.

08-19-07, 01:02 am
Well ly, 8. LOL, yes 8. It takes SOO long to clean them all! What kind of cage do you use for your rats ly? C&C? I was looking into it, but I have like 5-6 rats in each cage, and they looove their ramps. Any suggestions? Ly if you show me pictures of your rats, I will tell you what they are, if you care to know. Im ushally pretty good with that.

08-25-07, 05:47 am
Your ratties are adorable. What do you feed them? I have 10 rats right now, 5 females and 5 males and I love eh and every one of them. I was told that my one female is a champagne and the other is a dark blue but I am not up on rattie colors. Some of my rats are curly(Rex) coats and some are dumbo eared. I think the dumbos are so cute with those big ears.

09-01-07, 10:56 pm
Awww... They're so cute :D I had rats once when I was five, well my mom took care of them. I want another pet rat because I'm nearly thirteen now and my dear fluffy passed away a long time ago. He was a dumbo eared champagne self. My mom doesn't want me to have one because she is grossed out by the tail. I love their tails, they're neat.:lovestruc

01-12-08, 07:40 pm
They are all so cute and sweet looking. If I stay on this side of the forum my husband will soon be building me new cage for rats!

Rattie Mom
01-13-08, 12:16 pm
Awe, they are lovely!

Buddy is quite the handsome fellow. But I think little Lucky is my fave. I have the biggest soft spot for the elderlies. :)