View Full Version : Vet Questions (Kitchener Waterloo)

08-16-07, 01:37 am

I'm looking looking for a vet in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. I'm new to the guinea pig game...and think Charlie, has got a couple of abscesses. If anyone knows a good vet in this area (I have no car so I can't travel far) please let me know. What are the costs of a typical vet visit and what are the costs associated with an abscess?

Also I'm going to need a buddy for my Charlie as soon as he's in good shape, so if anyone knows of any rescues in the area please let me know.

08-29-07, 10:39 pm
Hi there,

I'm not in K-W, I'm in Cambridge.
I take my guinea pigs to Preston Animal Hospital, but I don't really reccomend going there. If you check in your phone book, or maybe on the YellowPages website you'll probably find a vet. Usually a vet visit alone is around $60-70, and the pricing for the abcess depends on what sort of procedure they would want done.

As for finding a local rescue, I would call your Animal Shelter or check on their website. Sometimes they take in guinea pigs, or if not I'm sure they'd know of some rescues that do.
There's also an organization called Barlee's Angels, I'm pretty sure they rescue guinea pigs as well. Barlee's Angels Rescue Network (http://www.barlees.org/cgi-bin/index.php)

Goodluck, I hope Charlie is ok!