View Full Version : Bending Grids

08-15-07, 07:36 pm
How do you bend grids for hay racks?

08-15-07, 08:07 pm
Find the joints where the grid was welded together. These will be little bumps along opposite edges. Do not bend on those sides or it will snap. Lay the grid down flat on the floor with one of the welds toward you. Step on it(best to have shoes on), grab the opposite side, and pull up. Standing on more or less of the grid and pulling toward you more versus straight up will create a sharper bend or a more even arc. I suggest you have a couple extra grids to experiment with if you want a specific shape. Grids that don't bend properly can be covered with fabric and used as tunnels.

08-28-07, 12:25 pm
I tried this and my grid snapped

08-28-07, 12:48 pm
You bent the wrong side. Remember to check for the ridges where it is welded and don't bend those ends. They will only snap at those places so keep them on the unbent straight sides.

08-28-07, 01:45 pm
You might have to go through a few grids to get it right. We went through 3.

08-28-07, 05:35 pm
I have the opposite problem.... How can you break them.... I tired to break one to put it up on the side of my cage by the ramp to make it extra safe. But i couldnt do it for anything....

08-28-07, 06:33 pm
To break a grid on purpose I go get a pair of bolt cutters. :p The problem is after you break or cut a grid the edges will be sharp. It's best to run them down on a grinding wheel or cover them with some type of plastic edging. Otherwise they are sharp enough to cut through skin.