View Full Version : fleece AND coroplast?

08-14-07, 04:22 pm
I've seen lots of cages on here that use fleece. Most of them have coroplast. It seems it would be a lot less money to use a shower curtain under the fleece. I know the coroplast is great if you use more messy bedding. But I was wondering, why do a lot of people pay more money to use coroplast?

08-14-07, 04:28 pm
Well, here's the thing. You have to put something under the fleece so that the urine can be absorbed. I use a layer of towels under my fleece, so the urine slips through the fleece to the towels. This makes so that the fleece stays dry. People also use mattress liners or puppy pads for under the fleece.

So your saying that you would rather use just a shower curtain and fleece without coroplast? I suppose you could put a shower curtain under fleece and towels, but you would have the problem of stuff getting kicked out of the cage.

08-14-07, 04:31 pm
I would definitely have something absorbent under the fleece. Is there a benefit of having side walls in a cage that uses fleece?

08-14-07, 04:33 pm
Keeping hay and poo's in the cage. It's easier to use a coroplast tray even if it has short sides for fleece users than to continually pick up/vaccuum up hay and poo off the floor.

08-14-07, 04:35 pm
Well without walls you would have to make sure to vacuum several times a day because stray poos, pellets, and hay could find their way out.

But you could try it. If it doesn't work out then just buy some coroplast. You wouldn't be loosing money.

08-14-07, 04:39 pm
The coroplast does help keep ahy and stray poos in liek they said.It also for me is easier to keep the fleece in place with coro on the sides.It's probably better in the long run to buy the coroplast.

08-14-07, 04:44 pm
I was planning on putting upper decks with coroplast and having the hay up there. I think I'll use shower curtains and vacuum a lot.

08-14-07, 05:21 pm
What is your cage sitting on? If it is on a flat surface such as a table top, I imagine a shower curtain would be an acceptable replacement for coroplast. You might want to secure the cage walls somehow so they cannot be pushed over the table edge. Personally, I would be very concerned about leaks around the edges of the cage since those are the places my piggies use as the bathroom most of the time. You will probably need to protect the carpet underneath the cage to be on the safe side, at least until you find a setup that works for you. You could tie the shower curtain on the grids to make a small barrier, but the piggies might be tempted to chew on it. Using a plastic tarp is another great option since you can buy a large, single piece and cut it to the size you want, rather than having to piece together shower curtains (depending on how big your cage is). Tarps usually have holes around the edges, and using a bungee cord to attach the holes to a table or to each other underneath the table could help keep the tarp in place and secure.

08-14-07, 05:44 pm
I haven't built the the cages yet but they will be on a table. The kind of shower curtains I'm thinking of are plastic sheets with holes along one side to string them up. I think I would cut fringe along the fleece and tie it to the grids to keep it held down.

08-15-07, 07:07 am
If you build a second level for your cage I would make sure it has some solid flooring so the curtin doesn't get pushed between the squares. I know sign companies around here sell smaller pieces of coroplast for under $2, they are the size of home for sale signs.