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08-12-07, 03:00 pm
I'm building a 3X5 cage very soon, and have quite a few questions.

First off how much will that cost in cubes, choroplast, and a lid? How many cubes should I get, if I'm using Wal Mart? How much choroplast should I get, and how much should they charge me?

And what about a lid? I need to build a lid for their cage in case the cats get in somehow.

Bear Bear
08-12-07, 03:17 pm
Take a look at my 3x5: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-cages/29126-3x5-adoption.html

I estimate my costs to be up around $300+. This includes:

Coroplast (2 sheets around $25 each)
Cubes (around 8 sets $15 each)
Fleece (4 blankets - various prices)
Towels ($4 each)
Zip ties
Pvc frames for keeping the fleece taut ($30)

Keep in mind that I live in Hawaii and a lot of things are way overpriced. How many piggers do you have? Costs can get crazy, you just have to shop around to find the best deals. Ordering materials was not an option for me as shipping costs would be outrageous! I also had difficulty in finding these items and I'm pretty sure they were over priced because of the low supply/demand we have here.

I hope things will be easier (and a lot cheaper) for you! Good luck in building your cage and ask away if you have anymore questions.

Edit: Oops! I just realized you didn't mention a second floor. Sorry. Knock off half the cost of mine and you have a rough estimate (assuming you want to use fleece...if not you can knock off a bit more, although the alternatives can also get costly).

08-12-07, 04:38 pm
Oh so it is $150 for a single floor? Not going to lie, I about choked on $300.

(And your cage is amazing!)

Bear Bear
08-12-07, 04:42 pm
That would be my rough estimation. Depending on where you live, you can probably find cheaper supplies.

A 3x5 cage is quite massive, but you really are investing in something worthwhile. My piggies are very happy and I'm sure yours will be too!

08-12-07, 04:56 pm
Yeah I have two piggies! I think they deserve some luxury. And for some reason I feel like I'll have a third soon enough.

Bear Bear
08-12-07, 05:05 pm
How wonderful!

I also just realized that you can probably knock off more of the cost. My cage is elevated off the floor with more grids. I used quite a bit since the cage is heavy and needs sturdy support underneath. You can probably save yourself more money by setting it on a large table if you need it to be elevated.

Hope that helps!

08-12-07, 06:22 pm
Indeed, Bear Bear, the prices here are slightly cheaper, but it all adds up! I found a 10% off Home Depot coupon so I can get my PVC pipes for a little bit less, yay!

Also, wait until sales occur...this week, the cubes at Target are on sale, and the fleece at Joann's is usually on sale. Also, coroplast here on the mainland is usually $10-$15/sheet, I believe. :)

08-12-07, 06:24 pm
Oh! And for a lid, you can use closet shelving (the white kind) that you can get at Home Depot for like $10...you'll need two...and then cable tie them together. If you look around the homepage of this site and browse the cage area, you'll see more info on that. :)

08-12-07, 06:28 pm
Grids go on sale at target pretty much every winter here so $12 for a pack of... 8? 12? I forget. I bought tons of them the first 2 years every time they went on sale so at last count I had around 200 zip tied into groups of 10 and haven't bought any in several years. Otherwise I believe it's closer to $20 a pack and takes 2 packs to make a 1 level 3x5 with no bottom. No walmart I have been to in Iowa, Illinois, and recently Wisconsin carries grids but target seems to nationwide.

Coroplast is highly variable. Some places want $100+ for a sheet and other places you can get it for $10. Here it was $17 but due to gas prices they raised it to I think $22. You have to call around. It will take 2 sheets for a 3x5 unless you use fleece and only put a 3" edge on it. You will have to run a strip of duct tape to connect them. That's best done right down the center and not along an edge both for potential leakage and chewing. Also tape before you cut. It's really really hard to line up your cuts on 2 seperate piece of coro but very easy to just keep cutting from 1 to the next if they are already connected.

Zip ties are a couple bucks or $10 for a multipack that can build a few dozen cages. That only comes out to $94 for a 1 level 3x5 taking the highest costs I have for materials around here. I'm not sure how many extra grids you have left but you might need a 3rd pack so $104 without building a stand. Still cheaper than a petstore cage that's only equal to a 2x4 in size.

I hate lids but I had to make one recently so I have a new interesting lid design I'll have to take pics of. My cage is 2.5 and slightly over 5 grids long(actually 3'x6' with overlapping grids) and I didn't want to lift an entire heavy lid up and have to lean it against the wall. Instead I built a lid that folds to either side. I zip tied the grids into sections slightly more than the width of my cage and overlapped so they wouldn't bend. Then zip tied 2 sets of 3 sections together and connected each set to a side of the cage. Each section swings to fold to the right or left and the 2 sets overlap in the middle as well as the edge by about an inch so it's quite sturdy. Then I bought a pack of snaps and clip it shut. Perfectly cat proof. The cat jumps up there all the time and stares down at the pigs without the lid giving at all but it's extremely easy to swing open.

Bear Bear
08-13-07, 05:35 am
OH!! You all are so lucky! We don't have a Target here (...yet...they're building one now AFTER I don't need anymore grids HAHA) and all of the other stores don't carry them. I was forced to buy from a pricey office supply store and could not wait for them to have a sale. My piggies physically forced me to buy them the cage materials ASAP. Those bullies!!

08-13-07, 09:33 am
I hear you, Bear Bear! When I see toys for the piggies, I'm physically forced to buy them, even if I know the piggies probably won't use them...our piggies have more powers than we give them credit for! :P

Bear Bear
08-13-07, 10:05 am
That is so true! I think they send subliminal messages when they are innocently wheeking for veggies. Cavy lovers be aware...although I'm sure it's already too late.

08-13-07, 10:57 am
There are 23 grids in a box (the ones from Target) That is enough to do a 2x3 with a floor and a lid with one left over to use as a hay rack.

The floor and lid would take 6 grids each. When making the lid assemble the 6 panels independently (make sure you use zip ties at all the connectors!) Then place the lid on top of the cage and fasten along the back with zip ties. Don't pull the ties too tight, you want them to act like a hinge. Then to fasten the front down you can use those velcro cable thingies or any other number of things like those little carabeeners from key chains or the little clippy things like on the end of a dog leash, or just a shoe lace.

Get a second box of grids and make a 2x6.

Grids: Target $15 a box most of the time
Coroplast: I pay $10 for a 4 ft x 8 ft sheet, but I have to buy 2 sheets at a time since the place I get it has a $20 minimum purchase.
Fleece: I paid $4.99 a yard for my first fleece at Wal-Mart and I got 3 yards.
Towels: I bought brand new towels at Big Lots. They were huge and $5 each. One towel would be large enough for a 2x3 cage and to have it a little softer, you could use 2.
Zip ties: $5
Total cost:$55, $70 if you have to buy 2 boxes of grids and you can always find towels at the thrift stores for real cheap.

aqh88 I am interested to see your lid. I am afraid that I am going to have to build one to put on the cage when company comes over. The kids always want to get them out, which I don't mind so much, but they usually do it without asking.

08-16-07, 10:20 pm
wow $330! my boyfriend and i spent between 50 to 60 dollars and it was a lot of fun to make!